RV Camping in the Winter

Many adventurers are attracted to the highlights of camping in the winter. You get to enjoy nature without dealing with masses of people. Plus, there are fewer bugs. The one downside of winter camping is the cold weather. This is why renting an RV is a great option for winter camping. RVs allow you to enjoy the outdoors during the day while having a warm bed to sleep in at night. Most RVs offer amenities such as a bedroom, a kitchen, and central heating that will keep you comfortable, even in cold temperatures. Our delivered RV rental service provides you with the convenience of having your RV set up for you in your location of choice, creating a hassle-free vacation experience.

If you are planning on taking an RV trip in the winter, some preparation will ensure that you are ready to take on the cold weather and that you know what to do in the event of a weather-related emergency. Here are some of our top tips for planning a winter RV trip:

Plan ahead

First and foremost, make certain to check the temperature and weather conditions before embarking on your trip. Knowing what to expect will allow you to properly prepare and will prevent you from putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. No one wants to get blindsided by extreme temperatures or storms. Once you know what conditions are typical for where you’re staying, you can create an emergency plan in the case that extreme weather does hit while you are camping.

RV Camping in the Winter

Choose the right campsite

Where you set up camp makes all the difference. Steer clear of large bodies of water, which will cause the air to feel colder. Ideally, you want to set up your RV in an area that is dry and protected from the elements.

Hot water bottle

If you are someone who tends to get extra cold, this trick is a great way to warm up your bed and help prevent you from getting cold during the night. Fill up a reusable water bottle with hot water and put it in your bed when you are going to sleep. The water bottle will stay hot for several hours, keeping you comfortable and warm.

Wear warm clothes

While the RV will keep you sheltered from the weather when you’re inside, if you’re spending the daytime adventuring outdoors, it is important to layer up to stay warm. Thick socks and gloves are essential for protecting your extremities, as well as a hat to keep your head warm. Choosing the right fabrics is also a huge part of dressing appropriately for the cold. Cotton retains moisture, causing your body temperature to drop. Fabrics that are designed to wick moisture away, such as many synthetic fabrics, make it easier for your body to maintain a comfortable temperature. Wool is also a great option for keeping warm.

RV Camping in the Winter


Your body needs fuel. Eating high-density food will keep your metabolism up and help regulate your body temperature. This is where access a full kitchen makes an RV such an attractive choice for your winter vacation. Make sure to have snacks and easy to prepare meals on hand for when hunger strikes.

Don’t hold your pee

Did you know that your body has to use up extra energy in order to keep the liquid in your bladder warm? If you wake up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom, make sure to so. This way, your body has to do a little less work in order to keep warm.

Get the right gear

The beauty of the RV is that it offers you a warm and comfortable place to sleep. However, if you are planning on sleeping outdoors at all, you’ll want to make sure to purchase a tent and an insulated sleeping bag that is specifically designed for cold temperatures. You’ll also want to get a closed-cell foam sleeping pad. No matter how insulated your sleeping bag is, sleeping on the cold ground is not comfortable. The pad offers an extra layer of warmth between you and the cold earth. For even more protection, you can use two pads, or fold up clothes and put them underneath your pad.

Additionally, women might want to consider purchasing a bag that is specifically designed for women. These bags are designed to fit to a women’s body, eliminating pockets of air in the bag. They have extra insulation at the feet and upper body to keep you as warm as possible.

RV Camping in the Winter

“Glamping” in an RV is one of the best ways to have a fun and safe winter vacation. Not only can cold temperatures feel extremely uncomfortable, exposing yourself to the elements can cause your body temperature to drop to unsafe levels, which can have serious consequences. Having your warm RV to return to when the temperature gets too low helps reduce this risk. Overall, the benefits of staying in an RV make this an excellent choice for camping in the cold.

Top 10 RV Campgrounds in Sonoma California

Our Top 10 Pics for RV Campgrounds in Sonoma, CA

Sonoma County offers incredible wineries, state parks, and beaches, making it an excellent choice for an RV camping trip. Here are our Top 10 RV-friendly campgrounds in this area for you to choose from. Whether you want beachfront access in Bodega Bay, or you want a campsite that is secluded in the forest, there is a campground in Sonoma just waiting for you to come and explore. Browse RV Rentals for delivery to the Sonoma, CA area campgrounds.

San Francisco North/Petaluma KOA

Location: Petaluma, CA

San Francisco North/Petaluma KOA is located near San Francisco, Napa Valley, and the many beaches along the central coast. The nearby SMART train station to San Francisco allows for easy transportation. There are a variety of local attractions to check out, including wineries, parks, restaurants, the Premier Outlets mall, and beaches. The resort itself offers many fun activities for guests of all ages.


  • Full hook-up
  • Pull-thru sites
  • 30 and 50 Amp electric
  • Pet-friendly
  • Laundry facilities
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Firewood for sale
  • Propane for sale
  • Wifi
  • Cable TV
  • Snack bar
  • Bike rentals

Sonoma Coast State Park

Location: Bodega Bay, CA

Sonoma Coast State Park is a great option for those who want to experience beach camping. Campers who love water activities have the opportunity to go swimming, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and boating. This site also has several hiking and equestrian trails.


  • Picnic table
  • Fire ring
  • Bathrooms
  • Boat ramps
  • Hiking trails
  • Horseback riding trails
  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving/snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Surfing

Additional Information:

  • Potable water fill station and Dump station at Bodega Dunes Campground
  • No showers
  • No hook-ups

Bodega Bay RV Park

Location: Bodega Bay, CA

Bodega Bay RV Park is perfect for campers who love to spend time in nature, as there are many outdoor activities to enjoy in the area of Sonoma County. The site itself offers a variety of options for entertainment, such as a bocce ball court, a putting green, a DVD library, and a horseshoe pit.


  • 78 sites (58 full hook-ups)
  • 70 sites with cable TV hook-ups
  • 26 pull-thru sites
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Free Wifi
  • Laundry facilities
  • Two clubhouses
  • Fire ring rentals
  • Pet-friendly
  • Restaurant
  • Dump station
  • Horse trails
  • Boat launch
  • Beach access
  • Fishing
  • Hiking trails
  • Wineries

Doran Campground

Location: Bodega Bay, CA

The grounds are divided into four campsites. The Shell, Gull, and Cove sites have Bodega Harbor on one side and an access road on the other. The Jetty Campground is surrounded by Bodega Harbor on one side and the beach on the other side. There are many options here for outdoor activities, like hiking, horseback riding, and bird-watching. Those who love the water will enjoy the convenient beach access.


  • Over 120 year-round campsites
  • Bathrooms
  • Coin-operated showers
  • Pet-friendly
  • $7 dump station
  • Potable water
  • Biking
  • Bird watching
  • Boat launch
  • Equestrian trails
  • Hiking trails
  • Paddling
  • Picnic area
  • Fishing

Additional Information:

  • No hook-ups

Race Sonoma CampgroundsSonoma Raceway Campground

Location:  Sonoma, CA

Camping at Sonoma Raceway makes for a unique and exciting vacation. There is a variety of entertainment offered day and night, from music to movies, and much more. A stay at this site makes for an unforgettable experience.


  • Full hook-ups
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Pet-friendly
  • ATM
  • Store/Ice on-site
  • First Aid

Duncan Mills Camping Club

Location: Duncan Mills, CA

Duncan Mills Camping Club sits at the bank of the Russian River Valley. It is located near prime whale watching and fishing sites in addition to many shops, restaurants, and art galleries. The on-site activities make this a great spot to take a family vacation.


  • 18 campsites with full hook-ups
  • 107 campsites with partial hook-ups
  • Pull-trhu sites
  • 30 Amp electric
  • Wifi
  • Pet-friendly
  • Clubhouses
  • Spa
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Playground
  • Shuffleboard
  • Kayaking

Liberty Glen Campground

Location: Geyserville, CA

Situated at the top of Rockpile Road, this campsite has a stunning view of Lake Sonoma down below. Campers have the ability to partake in water and outdoor activities, such as fishing, swimming, and hiking. Anyone who loves to spend time surrounded by beautiful scenery will enjoy staying here.


  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Grills
  • Horse Corrals
  • Ampitheatre
  • Campfire rings
  • Firewood
  • Horseback riding trails
  • Pet-friendly
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Quiet area

Additional Information:

  • No hook-ups

Gualala Point Regional Park

Location: Gualala, CA

Gualala Point Regional Park is situated along the Gualala River and Mendocino County. It includes a large beach area and an estuary. The campground is in a forested area, and there are many trails running throughout the grounds. Hikers, fisherman, water-lovers, and nature-fanatics alike will have a blast at this incredible site.


  • Pull-thru sites
  • Dump station
  • Bathrooms and coin-operated showers
  • Fire rings
  • Picnic tables
  • Biking
  • Beach, marina, and lake access
  • Hiking trails

Additional Information:

  • No hook-ups

Ocean Cove CampgroundOcean Cove Campground

Location: Jenner, CA

This campground sits on a bluff right next to the Pacific Ocean. There are oceanfront campsites as well as sites that sit concealed amongst the trees. With more than 100 sites to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your liking.


  • Pull-thru sites
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Water
  • Fire pits
  • Boat ramp
  • Pet-friendly (with a $2 fee)

Additional Information:

  • No hook-ups

Porto Bodega Marina and RV Park

Location: Bodega Bay, CA

Porto Bodega Marina and RV Park is privately owned and is located on the Northern Coast of Sonoma County. Here, campers can partake in boating, fishing, birdwatching, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and many more fun outdoor activities. This RV park is an excellent option for anyone who wants to take a relaxing vacation surrounded by nature.


  • 18 waterfront RV sites with hookups
  • 7 Water view RV sites with hookups
  • 7 water view Pull Through sites with hookups
  • 30 and 50 Amp electric
  • 13 waterfront dry RV sites
  • Picnic tables
  • Burn barrels
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Dump station
  • Pet-friendly
  • Boat launch
  • Bait and tackle shop



A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

RV camping is incredibly fun. You’re surrounded by nature, and every day is an opportunity for a new adventure.

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

It is important to note that there is an etiquette involved in camping at an RV park.  As an RVer, you have it in your power to improve the experience of your fellow campers. Remember that your actions have an effect on those around you. Think about how you want other campers to act towards you and treat them in that same way.

This is your guide to being a good RV park neighbor.

RV Etiquette

Follow the rules

All campsites have their own set of rules. Make yourself aware of these rules and follow them at all times.

Arrive on time

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

It is common courtesy to show up for your campsite reservation on time.

Clean up

Keep your area clean at all times- the campground is not your trash can.

Remember to throw all of your trash away and don’t leave any items lying around. It is especially crucial that you don’t leave any food out after meals as it could attract wild animals.


A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

If you bring your pets camping, keep in mind that other people may not love your furry-friend as much as you do.   Make sure that you:

  • Never leave your pets unattended
  • Keep your pets on leashes at all times
  • Always clean up after your pets
Be careful with campfires

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

Campfires are a lot of fun, so long as they are done safely. Practice caution. No one wants to accidentally start a forest fire.

No trespassing

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

Respect those around you by not entering other people’s campsites. You wouldn’t want people disturbing your site, so make sure to extend that same courtesy to others.


If you smoke, make sure to do it downwind of your neighbors.

Quiet Time

Be aware of quiet hours and make sure to keep the noise level down during this time. This means no loud music, talking, or any other kind of disruptive noise.

Generator time

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

Don’t run your generator during quiet hours

Figure out when the optimal time to run your generator is. Try to find a time when campers around you are also running their generators.


  • Consider paying extra for quiet generators, such as these from Honda and Yamaha. They are an investment, but they reduce generator noise by half and last twice as long.
  • Solar is an alternative to loud generators. It is costlier up front, but it will save  you money in the end. Plus, there is the added benefit of getting rid of the annoying generator noise altogether.
Welcome your neighbor

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

People like to feel welcome. Make a point of introducing yourself and saying hello to your neighbors. Offer to answer any questions or help in any way you can. It’s never a bad idea to make new friends!

Meeting new people is part of the fun of RVing. Follow these guidelines and you and everyone around you are sure to have a good time.

RV Rental Destinations

Top 10 Most Popular

What are our most popular RV Rental Destinations?

People around campfire at beachThe following links will take you to the top 10 campgrounds in our top 10 RV rental search destinations.

Visit our most popular destination locations for delivered RV rentals that are already set up and ready for your arrival at our top 10 destinations: California, Florida, Nevada, Texas, and Oregon.

Explore the best RV camping destinations that millions of other campers enjoy annually. Complete with search links to RV rental options, along with the top 10 campgrounds in each destination. We’ll update the following list as we grow and add more delivered RV rentals by owner that are set up and waiting for your arrival:

How do delivered RV rentals work?

Most people don’t know that they can rent an RV that they do not have to drive or tow. How it works is simple:

  1. Choose your destination and book a campsite at the RV Park, or campground that you are visiting
  2. Choose an RV rental, one that the owner has listed in the delivery area. Note: You must also make sure that the RV will fit into the campsite you’ve reserved.
  3. Book your RV online – All RV’s booked on RVPlusYou.com are covered under our protection policy.

What happens after the rental period on check out day?

RV owners will be picking up their RV from your campsite on the day of departure, the last day that you have the campsite reserved. Most RV owners require that you sweep and wipe down the RV, take out trash, and place dirty linens and towels in the bathtub or shower. Note: It’s always best to ask your host (the RV owner) what their policy is and what they would like you to do upon check out.

After you’ve enjoyed your destination in comfort, simply drive your own car back home.

All of the fun, none of the hassle – Book your RV today!

Top Campgrounds on the California Central Coast

If you’re looking for the top campgrounds to visit, any time of year, look no further than California’s Central Coast. Brimming with fun activities, it’s vacation paradise set in the best weather any season can dish out.

So, you own an RV and you want to know where you can go and be in the middle of all the fun. Whether you’re looking for your next weekend getaway, a great destination to hold a family reunion, or you’re shopping for a full blown family vacation, look no further than California’s Central Coast, just North of Santa Barbara. 

RV rental set up at campground in Avila
RV Rental at Port San Luis Harbor, Avila Beach, CA. November

The weather is absolutely incredible all year round so other than scheduling around a major storm, you can’t get it wrong. The weather is unbeatable so you’ll be in the right place at the right time. You simply need to work it into your schedule, then make reservations.

What is also amazing, is that the Central Coast is home to thousands of RV owners, many of whom are willing to share their RV with you. So, whether you own an RV or not, you can still experience RV camping with friends and family who may or many not own an RV. Our website, RVPlusYou.com provides delivered RV rentals, right to your campsite, already set up and ready upon your arrival, and at a very affordable price. Check these RV rentals out.

RV set up at Wine Country RV resort
Wine Country RV Resort – RV Rental

Before we get started on which RV park or Campground you want to visit, a quick review of the Central Coast. San Luis Obispo county hosts some of the coolest little beach towns in California. Starting in the North County, Paso Robles is the definition of ‘California wine country’ and it rivals all of the competition, including Napa/Sonoma. Well, in everything except high wine tasting fees. You’ll find very reasonable prices on tastings fees and the wine.

One of our favorite wineries is Frateli Perata, a small family-owned dry farmed vineyard that produces about 2,500 cases a year. All of their wine is distributed through their club, so if you want to bring a bottle home, you’ll have to visit their tasting room off of Hwy 46 West.

Cambria and San Simeon are a favorite destination for tourists worldwide. Both are quaint seaside villages that attract beach lovers, foodies, and hikers alike. One of the really cool attractions is the elephant seal refuge just North of San Simeon on Hwy 1, a must see destination.

Elephant Seals in San SimeonMoving down the cost on highway 1 to Cayucos, Morro Bay, and Los Osos, you’ll find little towns that time simply forgot. If you love quaint shops, mom and pop restaurants, or bay side dining, put these three towns on your bucket list. If you make it in time for lunch, try the Bayside Cafe. They know exactly what they’re doing.

As you reach San Luis Obispo, home of California Polytechnic University, you’ll discover absolute magic. Dubbed the “happiest town in America”, and sporting an average 67 degree climate, you’ll know why as you stroll the shops and restaurants of Higuera street in downtown “SLO”. You won’t find better Cioppino than the award winning family recipe at Ciopinot Seafood Grille. Great seafood dishes, and an amazing selection of Pinot Noir wine is what you’ll find at this popular dinner house.

In the coastal valley where SLO is protected by surrounding mountains and Edna Valley is busy producing some of the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir anywhere, Hwy 1 connects to the 101 freeway and guides you back down toward the coastline, passing Avila Beach, Shell Beach, and Pismo Beach. There doesn’t seem to be a bad view anywhere.

The truth is, once you land in San Luis Obispo County, no matter where you decide to camp, you’ll be in the middle of the absolute best time you can possibly have. And because we’re campers, we’re going to share our top choices, (in no particular order).

Port San Luis Harbor Campground, Avila Beach, CA

Wine Country RV Resort, Paso Robles, CA

El Chorro Regional Park and Campground, San Luis Obispo, CA

Oceano Park Campground, Oceano CA

Avila Pismo Beach KOA, Avila Beach, CA

Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, Pismo Beach, CA

North Beach Campground, Pismo State Beach, CA

Hearst San Simeon State Park, San Simeon, CA

Lopez Lake Regional Campground, Arroyo Grande, CA

Lake San Antonio South Shore Campground, Bradley, CA

Lake Nacimiento, Bradley, CA

Let’s Get Away with an RV Rental, from RVPlusYou!

Are you planning a holiday or a vacation with family or friends on a budget? Want to get away for the weekend and avoid the driving or towing hassles? Yes, it’s possible!

If you are preparing for a weekend getaway, a family reunion, going to a festival or even a wedding you can book a Recreation Vehicle (RV) through RVPlusYou rentals online and they can help you set up the RV at your requested location.

Travel trailer set up at Plaskett Creek Campground near Big Sur California
A Typical RV Rental Set up at Destination

An RV often referred as a caravan or a motor home normally includes a kitchen, a bathroom and one or more sleeping facilities.  People often rent RV’s for camping or recreation.


The online booking platform  at RVPlusYou.com connects RV renters to RV owners. RV owners, can list their unit with photos, amenities and locations they are willing to deliver. RV renters, based on their requirements, can search the global database of RV owners for the perfect RV. Owners will then drive their RV to the decided location and set it up so renters can simply start enjoying the outdoors at a reasonable rate, and owners on the other hand can earn extra income. You can even book an RV for extra space if, for example the house is full of guests, or for any special occasions.

Win- Win

Risk is virtually eliminated because the renters are not allowed to drive or tow the RV.  RV owners control when, where and what rate they rent it out. RVPlusYou looks after the payments and transactions, so there is nothing to worry about. Just sit back and relax! RV renters simply arrive at the agreed upon location and check in! Hence it’s a win-win for both owners and renters.

Protection and verification of parties is vital. At RVPlusYou we ensure all parties are safe, secure and verified! Everyone is required to complete a profile. On top of that, RVPlusYou provides a protection policy to cover both owners and renters.

Flexibility and RV Rentals

RV rental set up at campground in Avila
RV Rental at Port San Luis Harbor, Avila Beach, CA.

An RV can be rented on many different occasions and locations. For example, tourists who fly into the country and want to combine nights in hotels and the outdoors while travelling around America, for a date weekend where you might want something different, and even in crisis where your house might be damaged. Delivered RV rentals can come in handy in many situations.

Costs and RV Rentals

This is certainly a budget friendly alternative as it does not have the same costs as hotels and motels, and it is much cheaper to rent from a private party than one of the big corporate RV rental companies. It allows the flexibility for you to be relaxed and at ease wherever you might be! Please view the website for costs and listings at your destination.

A Cozy Holiday Season

The closer we come to the holiday season the more we want to listen to old favorites on the radio – Christmas carols and beautiful songs like White Christmas. Most people want to have a white Christmas – although they want the snow to be only an inch thick on every surface in their town except roads and sidewalks, but a good twelve inches thick on the nearest ski hill or mountain! Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, while everyone else can walk safely to and from work or shopping and enjoy the beautiful snow cover on lawns and in the trees.

Cozy indoor comfort for a warm or wintry Christmas!
Cozy indoor comfort for a warm or wintry Christmas!


Unfortunately winter snows aren’t that obliging! Winter travel, especially for RVs can be quite hazardous if roads haven’t been properly cleared of ice and snow. Driving in the mountains can also require that chains be put on tires – and that can be time-consuming and frustrating if you’ve never done it before.

The delivered RV is the perfect solution. RV vacation rentals are gaining in popularity. Delivered RV rentals  – where the renter doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy the luxury RV in a pristine setting – continue set the bar for this popular vacation niche.

Let someone skilled in such winter driving bring their RV to the location you choose. Then you simply arrive on the day your vacation starts and enjoy its comforts and conveniences until it’s time to go home. At that point, the owner of the RV comes and drives his or her RV back home or to the next rental destination.

There are many luxury RV parks across the country, so it might not even be the case where an owner has to bring the RV to you – you simply go to the RV.  That’s what delivered RV rentals are all about.

Luxury RV parks have every possible facility to make you feel at home – large outdoor pools, indoor pools if they’re in a wintry area, hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Some are located near golf courses – these are extremely popular. Even if the RV park is located in the middle of town – for example in Las Vegas quite near a casino! – it will typically be located close to tourist attractions – or at least near a “main drag” so it will be easy to take a bus or drive to where one wants to go.

There is no limit to where you can travel and find a delivered RV to rent for the duration of your stay. If you’re traveling in a large group, you can rent several RVs side by side, or at least located in the same general area so you can get out and explore together when you want and return to your comfortable RV vacation rental for privacy at day’s end.

Family Gatherings and the Delivered RV

Opportunities for family gatherings come fast and furious during November and December, with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, even Festivus.

The holiday season can be  stressful for a lot of reasons, not least because you typically have dozens of family members – who may not have seen each other for a year – coming together in a house, and perhaps a few impersonal hotel rooms if the house is too small to fit everyone comfortably.

Crowding everyone together into a small house may seem like fun when you’re in the planning stages, but when everyone’s actually together and having to wait for bathroom access or making late-night kitchen raids, things can get kind of testy – even if nothing is said out loud!

The key to a happy and relaxing family gathering  is to have a lot of room where people can go when they need some alone-time, and yet still be close enough so that they can come out and join the festivities within a few seconds, rather than having to drive five or ten minutes from that impersonal hotel room.

Inside of travel trailerThe solution is a delivered, luxury RV.

RVs are as luxurious as small hotel rooms, with one or more TVs, a kitchen with a fridge and cooking area, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. And it can be parked in a driveway or on the street (in a neighborhood where RV parking is allowed, of course) so that the whole “family gathering” dynamic is not disturbed by long-distance commutes.

With delivered RVs, it’s not even necessary to go to someone’s house. Choose a favorite camping spot with great scenery and have two, three or even four luxury RVs delivered there.  Family gatherings can thus become a “moveable feast” – each year visit a different location, but with none of the hassles of having to drive an RV over mountains or through horrendous traffic to get to that beautiful destination.

Stress-free family gatherings

The host and hostess of a family gathering will feel the most stress, because it’s only natural that they want the gathering that they are planning to go well, and for everyone to have a good time. Not only a good time, but a memorable time. The host and hostess will be thinking to themselves, “I want our guests going away saying, “They really surpassed themselves this time!”

Guests can help ease the stress on their hosts by making a point of doing as much for themselves as possible. Those visitors who like to cook can help out in the kitchen. Those who don’t cook can always help clean up afterwards.

Make a few plans in advance regarding what to see and do – but always coordinate with the host/hostess to make sure activities don’t conflict.

Inside travel trailer view of kitchenIf your hostess likes to keep her kitchen to herself – pots and pans may have to be treated ‘just so’, for example – be sure to invite her for a snack in your own little delivered RV domain, and at the end of the trip before you head off home, take your host and hostess out to dinner to a nice restaurant as a special thank you.

Then head home, and let the owners of the delivered RVs come and retrieve them – once again taking care of the stress of having to head home in time to return an RV to the place from which you rented it!



Why RV Rental Companies Should List their RV’s on RVPlusYou

RV Rental set up at Pismo Coast Village
RV Rental set up in Pismo Beach, CA

Why should smaller privately owned RV rental companies rent out their RV’s to customers who want an RV that is already set up and ready?  Why rent through online peer to peer RV rental websites like RVPlusYou

There are a lot of reasons why it doesn’t make sense for Cruise America, Road Bear, Apollo, and El Monte, all big corporate RV rental companies, to rent through online travel agencies like RVPlusYou. The biggest reason is they don’t need to.  Their model is a niche vehicle rental business, as opposed to RVPlusYou which is a niche inside the vacation rental market. It focuses on the “Delivered RV Rental” model.

So, what about the smaller mom and pop RV rental companies? Why should they list their inventory on a peer to peer website? What’s the downside? The short answer is that there is very little downside and a lot of upside. Let’s go through the list.

On the upside:

  • Marketing – Simply put, RVPlusYou does a lot of marketing and buys a lot of ads. While RV rental companies are in the business of renting RV’s, and hopefully good at it, they’re typically not very good at marketing.
  • Seasonality – RV rentals are typically a seasonal business for most companies. So what if you could get a few more weeks out of your season? RVPlusYou helps fill in cancellations and broadens the shoulders of your season.
  • Delivered vs. Driving Rentals – Because renters don’t drive or tow, there is less damage when a professional backs that beast into the campsite. Renters cause damage, period. They also chew up the miles and cause depreciation of inventory faster than delivered rentals do.
  • Target market – Most RV rental companies attract those who want to drive. RVPlusYou targets those renters who want a comfortable camping experience, need some extra space for family at their home, or they’re attending a wedding or an event. RV rental companies don’t typically spend marketing dollars on these markets.
  • Cost of Service – Because RVPlusYou charges only a 3% “Host Service Fee”, the cost of a credit card transaction, there is no affect on your business model. All services effectively are free of charge because RVPlusYou charges the renter, “found” customers that are either members of their site, or that they find.
  • RV Rental Fees – All fees and cancellation policies are set by the RV owner, or rental company when they set their listing. This way, there is no confusion and both parties know what to expect.
  • Service – The following services are provided at no extra cost for all RV owners and rental companies when they sign up and list:
    • Customer support – Toll free service, online chat, and email support 24/7.
    • Online Booking Engine – Cuts down on operational time and expenses for most rental operations.
    • Reservation and booking software – Maintained and supported by RVPlusYou, used by RV owners.
    • Protection Policy – $5,000 supplemental damage, and $300,000 liability

On the downside:

  • Booking – Renters must book on RVPlusYou.  Most see this as a positive, but if you have a unique booking system, other than a phone and a fax, then this might require a work-around for your operation.
  • Rental Fees – Because the credit card transaction is handled by RVPlusYou, rental fees are not dispersed until the rental period ends. For some, cash flow is sited as problem. But since most of our rentals are last minute “found” revenue, it’s not an issue.


It’s free to list and there is no obligation to rent to anyone who inquires. You can activate and deactivate anytime with no long-term commitments. With all this upside and very little downside, why not give it a try? Click here to sign up and list!

All You Need to Know About Starting an RV Rental Business

Hands molding clay

Alex Jones Photo – Molding the perfect business opportunity takes dedication and hard work.

Starting your own business isn’t hard to do. It’s turning your business into a productive entity that takes time, money, hard work, and patience.  Anyone who’s raised a child to become a functioning and productive productive member of society knows that making the baby wasn’t the hard part, it was raising the child to adulthood that was the challenge.

RV Rental at Wine Country ResortStarting an RV Rental business is the easy part. It’s the “making it produce” that will take hard work. Fortunately RVPlusYou can help by providing all the information you need to investigate and get started.

Looking for the right business opportunity to mold into a thriving business? Click the photo on the right to download our start up guide, then read on..