RVPlusYou Damage Policy

How to react if damage happens to your RV, or you want to file a claim for part or all of the deposit hold on renter’s credit card.

Top 6 Items to Consider Before Claiming a Damage Deposit:

1. RVPlusYou Guest fees will always apply to all bookings through our website. 
2. RV Owners are always responsible for chargebacks and fees related to claims made on 
the renter's damage deposit credit card hold. 
3. Collecting photos & providing evidence of damage is the responsibility of the RV owner. 
4. Always communicate damage found, or missing items, immediately after guest check out. 
5. A claim cannot be processed on a deposit hold until RV owner has completed 
communication with guest about damage AND provided this information to RVPlusYou. 
For documentation purposes, communication should always be done through the messaging 
system on the RVPlusYou platform. 
6. RVPlusYou will hold damage claims for a minimum of 10 business days in order 
to discover disputes, process information, bill credit cards, resolve chargebacks, or other 
billing issues.

As a reminder, RVPlusYou is not responsible for collecting disputed amounts for damage. We cannot enforce collection, nor can we force renters to pay damages. RV owners are always responsible for disputes with their renters and the judicial system always has domain over this process.

RVPlusYou provides a Rental Protection Plan to all RV owners and RV renters who book through our platform. The Protection Plan FAQ’s are available to answer basic questions, and this document will answer questions about how to proceed if damage occurs.

Inspection and documentation (Guidelines)

Before check-in:

  • It is good practice, and highly recommended, to video your RV after setup at the renter’s destination. Note the location, condition of outside and the condition of the inside. A 60 second video of inside and outside is advised.
  • It is also good practice to have a checklist of items to review with your renter at check in and refer to your user’s manual to help renters understand how everything works: How to light the oven, how to turn on the water pump, when to bring in the awning, capacities of tanks, etc.

After check-out:

  • It is good practice to inspect your RV inside and out after your rental. Take note of damage, photos and/or video are helpful.
  • At noon on day of check out, you will receive an email alert from RVPlusYou asking if we can release the hold on the damage/security token. Note: We no longer withhold a deposit, we hold a token for the security deposit amount chosen by the RV owner.
    • What is a Damage Token? A “Token” is an amount you set to cover possible damages. The credit card processor (Stripe) allows us to hold this token on the RV renter’s credit card. It allows us to bill the renter for damages up to that token amount.
  • Upon receiving the email from RVPlusYou on day of check out, please reply to this email with information on the rental:
    • If all okay, request RVPlusYou to release token and pay out rental fees, or;
    • If damage found, see steps to resolve damage

Steps to Resolution (when damage is found)

In order to determine next steps toward a resolution, you must discover whether or not the damage is in dispute. Always communicate via the RVPlusYou messaging platform for documentation purposes.

  • Note: It is always the RV owner’s responsibility to get written authorization for RVPlusYou to bill your renter’s credit card for damages. It is best to receive this authorization within the RVPlusYou online messaging platform. So, please communicate the details of the damage resolution to renter via our online messaging system.
  1. Non-Disputed Damage
    1. If there is no dispute, you may negotiate reparations directly with your renter to resolve the matter. Payments may be direct between you and your renter via Venmo, Check, PayPal, or other agreed upon method and there is no need to involve RVPlusYou.
    2. If there is no dispute, but you and renter would like to resolve payment using the damage deposit through RVPlusYou, please follow “Damage Deposit Payment” guidelines below.
      1. Note: You must get written authorization from renter before RVPlusYou can bill or charge the renter. This authorization must include the amount we are to collect from the renter.
  1. Disputed Damage – If the damage or amount is in dispute with your renter, follow the steps below. Remember, all communication with renter should be done on the RVPlusYou messaging platform for documentation purposes:
    1. Determine what is in dispute
    2. Determine value or cost to repair damage
    3. Submit a Damage Report to RVPlusYou, (see below for details).

Payment from Damage Deposit (non-disputed)

RVPlusYou holds a damage deposit (token), chosen by you. Remember, it’s a “credit card token”, a preauthorization to charge, not actual cash. This allows us to charge the renter’s credit card, but only up to that amount you have chosen in your RV rental listing profile (see pricing and terms) in “Manage Listing”.

  1. Non-Disputed Damage – Most often, damage is reported by the renter; the party responsible, with an offer to pay for damages.
    1. Discuss damage issue with renter, through the RVPlusYou messaging platform so that we have documentation of the discussion.
    2. Determine amount that RVPlusYou will charge to renter for damage payment
    3. Make sure to factor the 10% administrative fee that RVPlusYou will charge you (RV owner) to recover this damage amount.
    4. Be sure to get approval/confirmation from renter for charges. Note: You are responsible for any chargebacks initiated by the renter, so make sure the amount to be charged is communicated clearly.

Payment from Damage Deposit (Disputed)

Disputed damage and/or disputed amounts of damage between RV owner and renter is not common. However, it is important to submit a damage report as soon as you determine that a resolution can’t be found between you and your renter.

It is always your responsibility to resolve disputes, but upon request, RVPlusYou can step in to help mediate a solution and it starts by submitting a damage report. See below for details.

We cannot enforce collection, nor can we force renters to pay damages. RV owners are ultimately responsible for resolving disputes with their renters and the judicial system always has domain over this process.

RVPlusYou has final say regarding the collection of damages in disputes per our terms and conditions. Therefore, it is critical that RV owners document all communication carefully, use photo/video evidence, and be timely in your action.

Below are some good guidelines and procedures to follow that may help you experience satisfactory resolution and/or avoid conflict or disputes with renters all together.

  1. Make sure to set a damage deposit amount sufficient to cover most damage. $500 is a common amount which covers most damage involved with a delivered RV rental.
  2. If you and renter both agree, RVPlusYou can bill the renters credit card for the agreed upon settlement for damages.
  3. Factor admin fees. RVPlusYou will deduct 10% from any damage amount we send to you. This covers administrative and hard costs involved in billing your RV renter.
  4. Be fair in pricing the damage or repairs to your RV.
  5. Be sure to communicate via the RVPlusYou messaging system for documentation purposes.
  6. Document damage in a timely manner and be thorough and fair.

What is a Damage Report?

A damage report is simply your description of damages which you will email to damage@rvplusyou.com.

The report should include the following:

  1. Rental information:
    • Name of renter
    • Booking number
    • Date of check out
  2. Description of damage – A short narrative of the damage
  3. Photos or video – Attached or provide link to file on cloud storage
  4. Estimated amount – This is the amount needed to make you whole. If the damage requires an estimate from a professional, make this clear and attach the estimate.
  5. Communication – State your communication with renter to this point.
    1. Do they agree and admit to causing damage?
    2. If not, why don’t they take responsibility?
    3. Explain the dispute in this report.

RVPlusYou Arbitration (We have final say)

Per our terms and conditions, we are the final arbiters of any disputes. For example, if the renter denies causing damage, yet the RV owner (you) provide adequate proof that the damage happened during the time the renter occupied your RV, then you will likely win this dispute. We will charge the renter’s credit card in this case and pass the funds to the RV owner.

If the funds available via the credit token are not sufficient to cover the damage, we’ll request funds from the renter, and you may make a claim to our insurance provider.

If renter files a chargeback on their credit card, we will submit evidence to the credit card company. If they do not reverse the chargeback, our last recourse is a claim or you may pursue legal options such as small claims court.

Claim on RVPlusYou Rental Protection Plan

The RVPlusYou Rental Protection Plan covers up to $5,000 in damage and up to $300,000 in liability. Should all previous measures and actions taken to recover damages from the renter fail, we will send you the appropriate information and claim forms to file a claim.

Once we turn over information and make a claim, the process will be out of our hands and a claims adjuster will be in contact with you and the renter to discover fault.

Still have questions? Please email questions to support@rvplusyou.com