RVPlusYou Renter Payment Policy

Detailed Information on How Your Credit Card will be Charged to Book Your RV Rental

The information below pertains to how RVPlusYou will process payments for RV rentals

  1. Payment due – If your trip starts within 30 days from the day you book your trip, your credit card will be charged the total booking amount on the day you reserve your RV.
    1. If your trip starts more than 30 days after the day you book your trip, you will have the option of splitting your payment. 50% of the total booking amount is charged on the day you book, and 50% will be charged 30 days prior to check in.
    2. Your credit card will automatically be charged the remaining 50% of the total booking amount, 30 days before your trip starts.
    3. You will always have the option of paying 100% of the total due, no matter how far in advance you are booking your RV rental.
  2. Security and Damage Deposits – We will reserve a hold on your credit card for the deposit amount designated by the RV owner or RV rental company. Your credit card will not be charged for the amount of the deposit, but the deposit amount is chargeable for 72 hours after you checkout.
    1. The deposit amount will NOT be charged to your credit card if there are no additional charges or damage incurred during your trip.
      • Note: The RV owner has 72 hours to assess any damage and report back to RVPlusYou. If no damage is reported, your deposit hold is released and rental fees are delivered to the RV owner.
    2. If two different credit cards are used to pay for the RV rental, the primary card on file will have the security deposit hold and will be charged, if applicable.
    3. Part (or all) of the deposit amount may be charged to your credit card in the following situations:
      1. Your deposit may be used after booking and/or check out. Generally, extra payment is due after additional services are agreed to between you and your RV Host that were not a part of the original booking.
        1. Additional services include, but are not limited to, such items as an extra day added to your trip, generator use, extras such as fuel or firewood, etc. Your credit card may be charged at anytime after booking and agreement is made for the extra services or amenities.
      2. Your deposit may be used if you damaged something in the RV. Generally, your credit card will be charged for damage right after your trip has ended and has been reported by either you or your RV host.
  3. Credit Card Expiration – If the Credit Card used to book the RV rental expires before the second half of the rental fees are charged to your card, you will be notified prior to your trip (check in) and you will be requested to update your information with the new expiration date
  4. Credit card limit – If your Credit Card’s limit has been reached before the second half of your RV rental fees are charged, we will attempt to charge your credit card twice, (30 days before the start of your trip). If the charge is not successful you and the RV owner/host will be notified and your reservation may be subject to cancellation. We will request immediate alternative payment in order to secure your reservation.
  5. Multiple card payment methods – RVPlusYou allows for multiple payment methods, i.e. credit card number 1 for first half of payment, and credit card number 2 for second half of payment at later date, usually 30 days prior to check in.
      1. The payment system will allow RV renters to change their Credit Card’s information before the second 50% of the rental fees are charged.
      2. Go to your Account settings, then go to Card tab and click to change existing information or add a credit card to your profile.
  6. Storing Credit Card information – RVPlusYou will never store Credit Card information. Stripe is our payment provider and complies with all PCI compliance requirements using secure data encryption.
  7. Guest Refund Policy – This policy applies to registered RVPlusYou profiled RV Renters who have booked and paid for an RV Rental listed by an RV Owner on the RVPlusYou website (“Site”) and have a Qualifying Claim related to a Minimum Quality Standard Issue as defined in this Guest Refund Policy. It forms part of the Booking Terms, and uses capitalized terms defined in Booking Terms or the Terms of Use.