How RVPlusYou Rental Program Works

Delivered RV Rentals – Ready When You Arrive

Delivered RV Rentals - How it works diagram

Delivered RV Rentals allow you and your family to avoid the hassle of driving and setting up an RV. Drive your own car to the destination, enjoy your camping experience, then drive away when finished.

 How to Book

N O  D R I V I N G

A delivered RV rental means no driving. RVPlusYou is a unique online RV Rental booking platform connecting RV renters to RV owners.  Owners on our site will deliver and set up their recreational vehicles at destinations worldwide. Common destinations include campgrounds, weddings, national parks, private homes, and special events. That’s right, RVPlusYou concentrates on delivered RV Rentals by owner; set up and ready for your arrival—no driving or towing for renters and limited risk for owners!


W I N  –  W I N

By logging on to, RV owners create a free listing with photos, amenities, and delivery area. RV renters search the global database of destinations, then click to see a list of RV owners willing to stage their RVs at each location. Either party can make the campground reservations. Then, RV owners drive their unit to the mutually agreed upon location and set it up. Owners can even offer to share camping gear or help stock provisions. Renters simply drive up and start enjoying the great outdoors. Renting a delivered RV is usually less expensive than renting a hard-to-drive motor home from the corporate guys. Owners earn extra income from an under-utilized asset while renters enjoy the camping experience without the hassles and costs of owning and driving an RV. A win-win!


E X T R A  S P A C E

Renters can reserve RVs for delivery at private homes for family reunions, holidays, weddings or extra housing for guests. With a full kitchen and bath, a delivered RV from RVPlusYou is a perfect solution for temporary housing or extended work projects.


T R U S T is a trust-based peer to peer rental platform, meaning both private parties involved are verified by phone number and email, as well as reviewed and rated by the site’s users. This assures a safe, quality experience. The secure, state-of-the-art booking system handles all phases of the transaction. This includes availability calendar, reservations, deposits, payments, and offers 24-hour support to RV renters and owners. Our Gold Host program provides an even greater level of satisfaction and clarity for those looking for the best service.


RVPlusYou protects renters and owners in several ways. First, we are a broker in a private RV rental transaction. Our one-of-a-kind transaction process guarantees that both parties get what they expect. Renters want the RV delivered on time and in the expected condition. RV owners want it returned with no damage, and they want to get paid. By using our website, both parties get what they expect. Additionally, if there is a dispute, we help broker a solution.

Second, we provide a rental protection plan that covers $300,000 in liability, and $5,000 in damage. Our booking service fees cover the cost of the protection, as long as the RV is booked throughout the site. So, there is no extra insurance charges like other websites. Click below for more information.

RVPlusYou Rental Protection Policy

R V  V A C A T I O N  R E N T A L  M A N A G E M E N T (more information)

RV Vacation Rental Managers can help you earn extra income, without impacting your time. Recreational vehicle transport, storage, and maintenance companies are part of this marketplace as “Service Providers.” These companies offer towing, check-in, set-up, cleaning, and maintenance to RV owners who wish to outsource those services.  All rental transactions booked through the RVPlusYou website, whether through RV Rental Managers or Owners, are covered by our Owner Protection Guarantee covering damage and liability.

H O W   M U C H  D O E S  I T  C O S T?

There is no cost to list your RV on You can have as many listings as you like covering any delivery area that works for you. RVPlusYou charges a 3% Host Fee to the RV owner when someone books your RV. This covers the cost of the credit card transaction.

We hold the rental fees and deposit until the rental period is over. This ensures that both private parties receive what they expect. The deposit hold on the renter’s credit card is released, and the rental fees are sent to the RV owner. RV renters pay a booking fee of 8% to 17%. The cost depends on the length of stay and the amount of the total rental fees. This is how delivers value and provides a safer transaction between two private RV rental parties.

S I G N  U P  N O W!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join our community! Since becoming a member is easy and free, you get access to all our features with no obligation. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income from your under-used RV, or searching for an unforgettable family vacation, RVPlusYou has the answer! Refer a friend or family member and we’ll give you a trip credit, (see Referral Program for details).


W H A T  A R E  P E O P L E  S A Y I N G?

“Renting a 38ft RV fifth-wheel trailer is something I heard other people doing but never something I have considered myself until I stumbled upon this website service and RJ and Danelle. RJ and Danelle are two wonderful folks who have a beautiful well-maintained trailer. The trailer is very clean and fully stocked in case you forget anything. They set the trailer up for my daughter and me and made sure everything was in working order. Not only are we going to schedule another vacation VERY soon, but other family members and friends have also been or will be in contact with them to see when it is available. Personally, I feel it is much more relaxing than staying in a motel. I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in LUXURY camping.”  — Douglas


“Everything was great and tons of fun. Still can’t believe how beautiful it is down there [Avila Beach]. Hopefully ,I’ll be back and will definitely be looking at using the site again for future regattas!” –Doug


“Great RV, great service!”  –D.


“Very nice RV! It was great showing up and having it already set up and ready to go for us. Everything was clean and in working order. Russ went over a few instructions and left a binder with instructions – very helpful! I do want to suggest to future renters – bring any cold food in a cooler that can last a day. We would definitely rent from Russ again!”  — Angela

“If anyone remembers watching Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon, you may recall he lived in an RV on the beach. Since that time, I always wanted to try RV camping on a beach. Being a first-timer, however, I was unfamiliar with RV camping. Russ’s RV to the rescue! Russ’s precise instructions handheld me through the entire process and made it completely turn-key for us. We arrived to a luxurious, clean RV, completely set up with bikes, BBQ, chairs, table, etc.This is more of a ‘glamping’ experience as the RV provides all the comforts of home but in the idyllic setting of the California central coast. Each day we saw otters, dolphins, and our daughter loved the tide pools. Avila Beach area is also a great family town and we would highly recommend doing the RV beach camping on the central coast. We’re so excited about going back again!”  — Henry