Starting your own RV rental business

Looking to start your own home-based business? The RV rental market is a lucrative and often overlooked opportunity to generate a very profitable income stream.

RV rentals are a seasonal business opportunity with the majority of your rental capacity happening during the peak camping season from Memorial Day in May through Labor Day in September.

When looking for a new business opportunity or a work from home based business you want to find a market that has significant demand, relatively low barriers to entry, and excellent profit potential.

At the average RV rents for several hundred dollars per night for on average 3 nights each rental! For a home based business starting a RV rental business can really make a lot of mathemateical sense. RV camping trailers can be had for a couple hundred dollars per month; rent the unit out for 2 nights and your payment is covered!

The math gets even better if you already own a RV. We have found that most RV owners after the initial excitement wanes do not use their units as often as they thought. When a RV sits it starts to deteriorate quickly costing you money in depreciation and storage. By flipping the equation and using the RV as a money making asset you are able to take a liability and turn it into an asset.

After starting a RV rental business you can generate real income by owning an RV and renting it out. is one of a number of listing sites you can use to post your RV up for potential renters to find. We address the biggest problem with the RV rental market and that is finding and reaching potential renters. We generate hundreds of leads per month for our RV owners and it costs you nothing until you say Yes.

If you already have a pickup truck and already enjoy camping you will be working in a recreational based business that allows you to be outdoors and allow other people to enjoy and discover the outdoors too. is here to help teach you and help give you the tools to help you start an RV rental business.