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Book a Delivered RV Rental at Campgrounds, Wineries, Events, and other Locations. Your Delivered RV Rental is set up and ready for your arrival!

RVPlusYou was created to bring RV owners together with travelers who want to experience camping in the great outdoors in comfort. As a RV owner you have an opportunity to make substantial income at little risk, while renters get a great RV rental deal without the hassle of driving a huge vehicle on crowded highways.

RVPlusYou is all about making it easy to rent a RV.

RVPlusYou was built on a “Trust Platform”. This means that all parties involved are reviewed and rated by users of the site. There is absolutely no better way to confirm the quality and service to be provided and no better way to trust the RV rental transaction by knowing who you are dealing with. Because of this unique tool built into our RV rental community, renters will find clean, comfortable, working RV’s placed in a great location. The better each RV owner performs, the better his or her review. From check-in to check-out each RV owner and host service provider has tremendous incentive to be gracious and accommodating. And, because renters are dealing with private parties, the cost is often far more affordable than a corporate RV rental company!

Introducing an effortless solution for a comfortable outdoor experience.

As entrepreneurs and RV owners ourselves, we were inspired to create our own global RV booking platform with a distinctive edge and advanced features. We’re pleased to introduce RVPlusYou, a global placed RV rental enterprise dedicated to providing world-class booking services for fun, affordable placed RV rental accommodations in the great outdoors, or where ever it is you need the space. We promote a fun, healthy lifestyle by providing a complete online RV rental solution for owners and renters, and this includes our one-of-a-kind RVPlusYou Protection Plan:
  • $5,000 damage coverage
  • $300,000 liability protection

Whatever the unique adventure you are searching for, RVPlusYou makes the transaction simple, safe, and straight forward so you can relax and enjoy a fun, safe, and hassle-free experience.