Renting out your RV

Renting out your own RV, motorhome, or camping trailer can be a profitable side business to generate extra income. The biggest problem with renting out your RV and the reason why most people do not rent out their own RV is the fear of potential damage, destruction, and general mayhem.

As RV owners our selves we have developed to connect potential RV renters with RV owners in a manner that protects our most precious of assets. The difference is instead of handing over the keys for your RV to a random stranger you as the owner keep control.

  1. The RV renter rents your RV for a daily fee plus a delivery and set-up fee.
  2. You or one of our pre-screened fully insured drivers delivers your RV to a camping destination.
  3. You set up the unit on site.
  4. The renter stays in it for a night or two.
  5. You (or one of our drivers) picks it back up and returns it home.

Deliveries can be arranged based upon where you want to delivery. Want to deliver only to the neighboring state park? That is okay. Want to deliver anywhere within a 60 miles radius? That is fine too. You set the rules and control your RV usage.

Allow RV renters to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about crashing and destroying your RV. All of this earns you extra income while filling a real need in the market.