How to Improve Mental Health – Get Outside and Take Your Kids with You

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Stay-at-home impacts us mentally

Studies about how the stay-at-home orders have negatively affected mental health are now flooding in. No doubt we were all caught off guard on how to deal with this pandemic. How it will affect us is still being evaluated, but in a July 14 webinar talk, Dr. Robert Redfield (CDC director) outlined some of the possible ugly consequences we might see.

Lower Pines CampgroundsIn a rapid pulse survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) partnering with the Census Bureau found that, on average, 42% more people in the USA took prescription medication or received counseling/therapy in the 4 weeks starting Aug 19 2020, than the prior year’s average.

According to a recent study by the CDC, during late June 2020, over 40% of US adults reported struggling with depression, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts compared to the same period the prior year. The prevalence of symptoms of anxiety disorder was approximately three times those reported in the second quarter of 2019, and the prevalence of depressive disorder was approximately four times that reported in the second quarter of 2019. These findings make it clear that we need a way to manage these symptoms.

How to cope?

We all deal with stress differently and have different coping mechanisms to help us navigate life’s pressure points. One effective way to cope is to spend time outdoors. Getting outside helps to lift your mood and is incredibly beneficial for your mental health.

Girl taking photo of sunsetThe past couple of months of lockdowns and restrictions have taught us a lot about the importance of getting outside. In many areas, kids are being taught in outdoor classrooms. Some families have chosen to hit the road and home school. We’re all learning that the great outdoors might be one of the best ways we can improve our collective mental and physical health. We ALL need this, and by following CDC guidelines for camping and outdoor recreation, we all CAN cope.

Improve your mental health by RV camping

RV Camping Liberty Lake Campground in Washington StateI think we all know that exercise and fresh air improve our physical and mental  health, and the CDC finally stated the obvious about COVID-19: it’s harder for you to spread the virus while you’re outdoors. No wonder this new CDC guidance is leading to record-breaking RV sales. RV rental bookings have also surged by over 600% in 2020 compared to similar periods in prior years.

Can everyone rent an RV, and enjoy it?

It’s fairly clear that getting outdoors is healthy and it can provide important coping mechanisms for many. But can everyone rent an RV and go camping in the great outdoors in comfort? The answer to this question is absolutely YES.

RVPlusYou delivers RV rentals, sets them up, and picks them up after check out. No driving required! No hassle necessary! AND RV rentals are affordable, with an average low price of just $150 delivery/set-up charge. No matter who you are or what camping experience you have, delivered RV camping in comfort is within your grasp.

World Mental Health Day

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. Take a moment to read up on the reality that millions of Americans deal with daily. Mental illness affects just about all of us in one way or another, and knowing more about mental health not only helps reduce the stigma, it helps us understand better ways to cope with the realities that society must continue to learn, appreciate, and face together.