Delivered RV Rentals Ideal for the Novice Camper

Do you love to camp, but deprive yourself of that pleasure because your spouse or children don’t share your enthusiasm? Or, alternatively – do they like to camp, but the thought of sleeping on a bedroll on the hard ground leaves you cold? Literally as well as figuratively? The solution for the novice camper is a delivered RV rental.

An RV rental delivered to your campground still allows you to enjoy all the beauties of nature during the day, but at night you and your spouse or family will be able to relax in the comfort of an RV – comfortable beds, access to a shower whenever you want one, as well as the ability to pop popcorn in a microwave for a midnight snack if you so desire.

What’s a “delivered RV Rental?”

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, with powerful engines to climb hills, power steering, and large windows and back-up cameras to facilitate parking and setting up.

RV Fail where big RV is stuck when driving into a parking lot
A hazard is always waiting for you (photo courtesy of Bob Morris)

But driving a 30-foot (or longer) RV up or down a winding, two-lane road leading to a mountain camp ground or national park can be pretty daunting for the novice – especially if you’re towing a vehicle as well. Then there’s the cost of the gas to get you to and from your destination(s). Then there’s all the persnickety details of hooking up electricity and sanitation. Well, that can be as simple as plugging the RV into a provided outlet, but still, it can be persnickety.

With a delivered RV, you simply find an RV you like from a list on a website – the owner will share photos of the RV inside and out, as well as info, to help you make your decision – and then the owner will do all the heavy lifting – bringing the RV to your destination (a local one, of course) and setting it up for you. You only need to show up and move in. It’s like a hotel on wheels. Check out these delivered RV rentals in San Diego

Ideal for the novice camper

It’s a cliche that first impressions are very important, but it’s the truth. For every person who has a bad first experience when they go camping but decides to give it another try, there’s probably ten people who will never try it again.

And usually the problem in the living arrangements – trouble setting up the tent, or cooking a meal, or most usually, getting comfortable in a sleeping bag.

With a delivered RV rental, the living arrangements are taken care of, so the campers can simply wake up each morning to a glorious sunset, go for a walk, return to a hot breakfast, then go fishing, hiking or horseback riding, or boating, and return periodically to a comfortable bed for a nap, or coming back late at night and falling right into bed. Or some members of the group can go to sleep, while others can read or even watch TV in a different section of the RV so that neither group impinges on the other.

Leaves falling to the ground
Beautiful Autumn day. (Photo by Autumn Mott on Unsplash)

Connecting with nature

Diehard campers may say that it’s just not camping if you’re not in a tent, with only a thin piece of canvas, nylon or polyester between you and the elements., but that isn’t really true. You may be spending comfortable nights in your camper, but at all other times you’re enjoying the beauties of nature.  And because you’ve got at the very least a microwave, there’s no danger of causing a forest fire by not properly dousing a campfire – which unfortunately does happen.

It’s important for kids, and adults, to connect with nature – to go hiking and feel dirt and rock under their feet rather than concrete, to hear the chirp of birdsong, and to see live wild animals rather than road kill.

The five best activities while camping

1. Hike up the nearest hill to gain a panoramic view of the scenery. Observe the different kinds of trees and plants. Walk quietly and watch for wild creatures.

2. Go canoeing or kayaking on a serene lake. (Remember these are activities for novice campers!  The experienced camper can seek out white water rapids!)

3. Watch the sunrise or sunset together with your spouse.

4. Teach your kids how to whittle a stick, or how to recognize bird song

5.  Whatever you do, take your time. Breathe the fresh air. Appreciate the stillness.

motorhome under a starry night
More stars than you’ve ever seen. (Photo by Eugene Quek on Unsplash)

Introduce your family to the joys of tenting

When you were a kid, did you ever ask your parents to put up a tent in the back yard so you and your siblings or friends could pretend that you were camping somewhere?

Well, you can do the same thing to gently introduce your kids or spouse to tent camping – set up a tent a little ways away from the RV and let your kids stay there overnight, giving you and your spouse a little more privacy. Encourage your kids to read or play games rather than watch TV or play a video game for at least one night!

If they discover the fun of roughing it, you can plan your next trip accordingly.

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Wildflower Triathlon is Perfect Opportunity to Rent a Delivered RV

The 35th anniversary of the Wildflower Triathlon, taking place at the Lake San Antonio South Shore in Bradley, CA, is happening from May 4-6, 2018 – and it will be a “happening.”

If you know anything about Wildflower, you know that it’s a great weekend for family and friends, as well as for you – the extreme athlete. In addition to the triathlon there will be a 10 mile trail run for those who aren’t ready to add swimming and biking to their racing repertoire, a 5K run through some beautiful scenery, and a 10K run.

Athletes and their family and friends can also join in a Stand Up Paddle board race over either a 2-mile or 6 mile course, and join in on yoga classes throughout the weekend – and those classes are free!

There will also be live entertainment, wine tasting, a beer garden, movies under the stars, and lots of fun for kids as well as adults.

Front page of Wildflower Triathlon website
Front page of Wildflower Triathlon website


Camp in Luxury with a Delivered RV

Wildflower is often termed the “Woodstock” of triathlons, with hundreds of athletes choosing to camp in tents in designated camping areas.

But if you’re bringing family, there’s no question that they would be a lot more comfortable in an RV! And there are plenty of parking spots for RVs throughout the Lake San Antonio area.

Don’t own an RV? Not a problem.

That’s were delivered RVs come in.

Instead of driving an RV across country to Lake San Antonio, you merely rent one that has already been driven to its camping spot around Lake San Antonio, set up and hooked up, so that all you and your family need to do is move right in.

These delivered RVs vary in size and amount of luxuriousness, with a commensurate cost.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities provided by renting a delivered RV, check out the listings on our website specifically for Wildflower below, and note: Most RV owners in SLO County will deliver to the Wildflower event!

RV Rentals Delivered to Wildflower Triathlon

These RVs will be going fast so don’t delay. Start researching them today and make your reservations soon.

Images from Wildflower Triathlon website
Images from Wildflower Triathlon website


Lake San Antonio South Shore

Everyone participating in the Wildflower Triathlon – and any family and friends that they bring along – will be staying somewhere along the south shore of Lake San Antonio.

There are camp sites available in Redonda Vista, Harris Creek, and Lupine Meadows. Reserved camping with electrical hookups (for RVs and delivered RVs, are available at Redonda Vista (80 spaces) and Harris Creek (20 spaces).

Lake San Antonio’s North Shore

Lake San Antonio’s north shore is famous for its lakeside RV spaces, and it’s the perfect spot to be for spectators who want to witness the start of the “legendary” Wildflower Swim Start.

For more information check out the Wildflower website:


Delivered RV Rentals at Your Wedding Venue

“Think outside the box.” – – That’s the advice given these days to everyone not only in the business world, but also In their personal lives. So why not have an RV rental delivered to your wedding venue? There’s no longer a need to do what everyone else is doing – be original and solve potential problems ahead of time.

Delivered RVs

Renting an RV and having it delivered to your wedding venue is certainly thinking outside the box. In fact, there’s no need to stop at one delivered RV. Once you’ve established how many guests are going to attend your wedding, you can rent enough RVs for them all – and because they are delivered RVs you don’t have to worry about driving them to your venue wherever that might be. The owner of the RV drives it to the location specified and sets it up for you so there’s nothing to do on your part but enjoy its climate-controlled convenience.

Bride standing in front of river
photo by Stephanie Craig of Unsplash

Wedding Venues

Small, intimate weddings with just a few friends.

Large, goes-like-clockwork weddings with hundreds of guests.

Any wedding venue can benefit from a delivered RV or two – even one with hundreds of guests!


With a small, intimate wedding in a rustic vineyard or ranch setting, for example, all of the guests can stay in their own luxurious RV and be just a step away from glorious scenery. They then can return to their own “hotel on wheels” for meals, bathing and relaxing.

If a wedding is to have hundreds of guests, that will be a stressful scene and having a luxury RV or two in which to disappear for a while to relax and collect oneself is something to think about.

Uses for a Delivered RV

Here are just a few suggestions for how a delivered RV can be used to heighten the enjoyment or the relaxation of a wedding, regardless of the venue.

Comfort stations and prep area, staging before walk

If you’re holding your wedding in a rustic setting, you’re going to need a place for the bride to apply or re-apply makeup, or for her and her bridesmaids to gather and chill out a bit before the walk down the aisle.

Groom and Groomsmen Relaxation

The cliché is that it’s always the bride who is always nervous and need of support from her maid of honor and ladies in waiting, but the groom and his entourage need to be able to relax as well. A luxury RV complete with big screen TV and comfortable chairs and a little pre-wedding snacks is just the ticket.

VIP area

The parents of the bride and the parents of the groom are VIPs, as is the person who is going to perform the ceremony and the photographer or videographer who is going to record it for posterity. Provide them their own private place to relax with a luxurious and spacious delivered RV with all the mod cons to hand.

Overnight accommodations at rural ranch settings

Some locations with beautiful scenery are rather remote – no hotels for miles. Solution? Rent an RV or two or three for your guests to share and stay overnight.  Luxury RVs have all the modern conveniences, plenty of sleeping space, big screen TVs, cooking areas, a fridge that can be stocked with all sorts of food – everything a wedding party needs.

Groomsmen toasting with beer at wedding
photo by Kats Weil

Sleep it off accommodations to reduce drinking and driving

Some people get a bit tipsy at a wedding reception, and why not?

But you don’t want those people to be driving afterwards!

The perfect solution is to say, “Time to relax in your own luxury RV.”

In summary, the delivered RV can play a lot of roles at a wedding, and increase the enjoyment for everyone considered.

Look into a delivered RV rental today.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning Your Summer Vacation

Yes, we know that 2018 is only a couple of weeks old and most of the country is locked in a deep freeze. So, guess what, this is the perfect time to start planning your summer vacation.

Theme Parks!

As a matter of fact, it’s imperative that you start planning your summer vacation as early as possible, if you intend to visit one of the most popular destinations in the United States. That would mean Disney World or Disney Land if you’ve got family who wants to visit theme parks. And of course it’s not only Disney World in Orlando- there’s Sea World, Universal Studios, Gatorland, and even Fun Spot America – a great theme park that is extremely affordable.

In Anaheim, California you’ve got Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland California, the San Diego Zoo (nearby), and California’s largest water park, Raging Waters, which is situated in San Dimas (of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure fame). There’s also Knotts Berry Farm!

Peanuts Characters at Knotts PEANUTS Celebration, Jan 27 - Feb 25, 2018
Peanuts Characters at Knotts PEANUTS Celebration, Jan 27 – Feb 25, 2018

Delivered RV Rentals are the Way to Go

With a delivered RV rental, you don’t have to worry about sold out hotels. You don’t have to worry about hauling a camper or RV halfway across  state or country. The luxury camper or RV is there, waiting for you – set up by the owner so you don’t need to worry about attaching electricity, sewage, or anything of that nature. It’s set up and ready for you at your chosen destination.

Where are the RV Owners?

Simply type in the location you’d like to visit in the search box on the home page of RVPlusYou,  and see what luxury campers or RVs are available.

New delivered RV rentals are being added to RVPlusYou on a regular basis, so be sure to check back frequently.

National Parks

Make 2018 the year you visit as many National Parks as possible.  They are all worth visiting – from the smallest national park of all (Hot Springs, Arkansas) to the largest, Wrangell-St. Elias , which at the moment is larger than nine – nine – of the states of the Union!

Perhaps the most famous and most visited park is Yellowstone in northern Wyoming, as well as southern Montana and a patch of it located in southeastern Idaho.


Gettysburg is perhaps the most visited historical site for Civil War history buffs. The founding of the United States can be relived every day in Williamsburg in Virginia, or on the Freedom Trail in Boston. These historical sites may not be here forever as mounting pressure brought by an increase in population and demands of various businesses may threaten them all.

Make 2018 the year you see the sites you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

A Cozy Holiday Season

The closer we come to the holiday season the more we want to listen to old favorites on the radio – Christmas carols and beautiful songs like White Christmas. Most people want to have a white Christmas – although they want the snow to be only an inch thick on every surface in their town except roads and sidewalks, but a good twelve inches thick on the nearest ski hill or mountain! Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, while everyone else can walk safely to and from work or shopping and enjoy the beautiful snow cover on lawns and in the trees.

Cozy indoor comfort for a warm or wintry Christmas!
Cozy indoor comfort for a warm or wintry Christmas!


Unfortunately winter snows aren’t that obliging! Winter travel, especially for RVs can be quite hazardous if roads haven’t been properly cleared of ice and snow. Driving in the mountains can also require that chains be put on tires – and that can be time-consuming and frustrating if you’ve never done it before.

The delivered RV is the perfect solution. RV vacation rentals are gaining in popularity. Delivered RV rentals  – where the renter doesn’t have to do anything but enjoy the luxury RV in a pristine setting – continue set the bar for this popular vacation niche.

Let someone skilled in such winter driving bring their RV to the location you choose. Then you simply arrive on the day your vacation starts and enjoy its comforts and conveniences until it’s time to go home. At that point, the owner of the RV comes and drives his or her RV back home or to the next rental destination.

There are many luxury RV parks across the country, so it might not even be the case where an owner has to bring the RV to you – you simply go to the RV.  That’s what delivered RV rentals are all about.

Luxury RV parks have every possible facility to make you feel at home – large outdoor pools, indoor pools if they’re in a wintry area, hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Some are located near golf courses – these are extremely popular. Even if the RV park is located in the middle of town – for example in Las Vegas quite near a casino! – it will typically be located close to tourist attractions – or at least near a “main drag” so it will be easy to take a bus or drive to where one wants to go.

There is no limit to where you can travel and find a delivered RV to rent for the duration of your stay. If you’re traveling in a large group, you can rent several RVs side by side, or at least located in the same general area so you can get out and explore together when you want and return to your comfortable RV vacation rental for privacy at day’s end.

Family Gatherings and the Delivered RV

Opportunities for family gatherings come fast and furious during November and December, with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, even Festivus.

The holiday season can be  stressful for a lot of reasons, not least because you typically have dozens of family members – who may not have seen each other for a year – coming together in a house, and perhaps a few impersonal hotel rooms if the house is too small to fit everyone comfortably.

Crowding everyone together into a small house may seem like fun when you’re in the planning stages, but when everyone’s actually together and having to wait for bathroom access or making late-night kitchen raids, things can get kind of testy – even if nothing is said out loud!

The key to a happy and relaxing family gathering  is to have a lot of room where people can go when they need some alone-time, and yet still be close enough so that they can come out and join the festivities within a few seconds, rather than having to drive five or ten minutes from that impersonal hotel room.

Inside of travel trailerThe solution is a delivered, luxury RV.

RVs are as luxurious as small hotel rooms, with one or more TVs, a kitchen with a fridge and cooking area, and a bathroom with toilet and shower. And it can be parked in a driveway or on the street (in a neighborhood where RV parking is allowed, of course) so that the whole “family gathering” dynamic is not disturbed by long-distance commutes.

With delivered RVs, it’s not even necessary to go to someone’s house. Choose a favorite camping spot with great scenery and have two, three or even four luxury RVs delivered there.  Family gatherings can thus become a “moveable feast” – each year visit a different location, but with none of the hassles of having to drive an RV over mountains or through horrendous traffic to get to that beautiful destination.

Stress-free family gatherings

The host and hostess of a family gathering will feel the most stress, because it’s only natural that they want the gathering that they are planning to go well, and for everyone to have a good time. Not only a good time, but a memorable time. The host and hostess will be thinking to themselves, “I want our guests going away saying, “They really surpassed themselves this time!”

Guests can help ease the stress on their hosts by making a point of doing as much for themselves as possible. Those visitors who like to cook can help out in the kitchen. Those who don’t cook can always help clean up afterwards.

Make a few plans in advance regarding what to see and do – but always coordinate with the host/hostess to make sure activities don’t conflict.

Inside travel trailer view of kitchenIf your hostess likes to keep her kitchen to herself – pots and pans may have to be treated ‘just so’, for example – be sure to invite her for a snack in your own little delivered RV domain, and at the end of the trip before you head off home, take your host and hostess out to dinner to a nice restaurant as a special thank you.

Then head home, and let the owners of the delivered RVs come and retrieve them – once again taking care of the stress of having to head home in time to return an RV to the place from which you rented it!