Why Should You Consider a Delivered RV Rental?

RV rental set up next to camping chairs

Most people are familiar with the concept of renting a car for a vacation, but fewer people are familiar with renting an RV. RVPlusYou allows you to rent an RV and have it delivered to your destination of choice and set up for you. There are so many conveniences and benefits that can make renting a delivered RV the best choice for your vacation. Here are some reasons that you should consider an RV rental.

More convenience, less hassle

Many RVs come equipped with a variety of amenities and deluxe features. Renting an RV that comes with essentials such as camp chairs, a BBQ, linens, and kitchen supplies means that you don’t have to worry about packing these things and bringing them to the campsite yourself.

delivered RV rental

You can take a vacation with multiple destinations

Delivered RV rentals work out well if you want to take a vacation with multiple destinations, as you can arrange to have RVs delivered at different locations along the way. Then, when you arrive at your next destination, the RV is already set up and ready to go.

Say you want to take a road trip along the west coast. You could arrive in San Francisco and tour the city while staying in a hotel. Then you can drive to Tahoe and check into a delivered RV rental at a local campground. Next, you can head towards San Diego and stay in another RV rental on the beach, before driving to LA and checking into a hotel. From here, you can complete your trip by taking a coastal drive to Pismo Beach and arrive at another RV that is already setup. From there, you can head home.

RV rental delivered to campsite for family RV camping trip

You have your car to drive around

Delivered RVs are great if you want to camp but you also want to explore the local area because you have your car to drive into the city. For example, you can have the RV delivered to a campground in Bend, Oregon and then take day trips to all the wonderful sites in Central Oregon.

You save money on hotel rooms

Big events, such as weddings or family reunions, also benefit from delivered RVs.  A delivered RV  rental allows you to stay directly at the venue or a nearby campground  instead of having to pay for a pricey hotel room.

All of these advantages are reasons that you should consider a delivered RV rental for your next vacation.