RVPlusYou Damage Policy

This document summarizes our damage policy and how to react if damage happens to your RV while rented and booked under the RVPlusYou terms and conditions. RVPlusYou will hold damage claims for a minimum of 10 business days in order to discover disputes, process information, bill credit cards, resolve chargebacks, or other billing issues. As Read More

RV Rental Equipment Checklist

What items and amenities should be considered for your RV rental offer? If you’re going to rent out your RV and share with others in exchange for a rental fee, what items and amenities will you include? It’s an important question and we boil it all down for you below keeping in mind the balance Read More

RV Business Owner Interview Part Two: Starting an RV Rental Business

Part Two of our interview with RV business owner Erik Abbott addresses the logistics of the RV rental business. The RV Rental Business Opportunity RVPlusYou offers a unique opportunity to business-minded RV owners. Whether you are in a position to manage your own rentals, or you would like to engage an RV Vacation Rental Manager, Read More

RV Rental Business Owner Interview: How One RV Owner Started Up

In this two-part interview, we speak to an RV owner who listed his RV on RVPlusYou, and we explore where the inspiration to earn some extra income and share his RV came from, how it all works, and what it took to launch. Interview with Erik Abbott of Monterey, California Background: Can you tell our Read More

Renting Out Your RV – The Damage Myth

How many RV owners want to rent out their RV? According to surveys, 90% of motorhome and camper trailer owners would not rent out their RV, 10% say yes RVPlusYou conducted a survey of 200 random RV owners early in our startup phase which revealed that 90% of registered RV owners in North America would Read More

RV Renter and New RV Owner Online Training Program

Free Online Training from RV Education 101 Perfect for New RV Owners, RV Rental Managers, and RV Renters ($39 Value!) – Training by Mark Polk: RV Education 101 Who is RVPlusYou? The cornerstone of the RVPlusYou business model is ‘RV rentals by owner, delivered and set up at the renter’s destination.‘ This is our product; Read More

RV Rental Delivery Setup and Pickup Checklist

Download Checklist Anyone engaged in the RV rental business should use checklists to make sure they are not missing important details required for a successful RV rental experience. That is why we have created an RV Rental Delivery Setup and Pickup Checklist. This is for the sake of the RV rental business owner, as well Read More

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Generate more income from your RV on RVPlusYou – RV Renters never drive or tow your RV! List Your RV – It’s Free! Compare Our 3% fee to what you’re paying now Most online RV rental websites charge RV owners 17% to 30% of the rental fees that you charge! RVPlusYou is free to list, Read More

RVPlusYou Gold Host Program

  RVPlusYou’s Gold Host program allows RV owners who list their RVs for rent on the platform a way to distinguish themselves from other RV owners. Most RVs offer similar features and quality and are listed at similar rates. In this situation, Gold Host status gives you an advantage over other RV owners listed in Read More