How to Sell Your RV Fast

RV set up at campsite

If you own an RV and want to sell it fast, consider a ‘try before you buy’ concept.

By allowing buyers to try out your RV and use the features, you’re presenting confidence. In the RV rental business selling your RV after a year or two of service is common. There’s no reason that private owners can’t use this try before you buy concept.

The last rig I sold was already for rent, but I advertised in this way when I was ready to sell. The prospective buyer wanted to use it for a home remodel. I agreed to sell it for what I paid. I had rented it out for 2 years,, it’s useful life. I discounted the sales price by the exact amount of the rental price; approximately $800. I let a novice buyer rent it before they committed to buying. After a 4 day weekend, they were convinced that it was a good deal; a win/win for both parties.

How does “try before you buy” work?

  1. List on RVPlusYou and price your RV for rent at market rates. In high-demand markets you can charge up to $150 for delivery/set up/pick up. The nightly average price for a travel trailer in this market is about $150/night. For a motorhome, $200 per night. Do NOT let renters or prospective buyers drive or tow your RV. This is how damage happens. Set it up for them at a nearby campground.
  2. Advertise on Craigslist, FB marketplace, and RV Trader and include the term: “Try before you buy”. List all the features and cool stuff, load great photos of your RV parked in cool places.. If a prospect doesn’t want to rent, but rather just buy after having it inspected, great. If they want to try, then let them rent. Don’t rent direct, go through a peer to peer platform like RVPlusYou so that both parties are protected.
  3. Make sure to include verbiage related to the “Discount” feature. Make sure it’s is prominent in the ad. The message should convey the following: “All rental fees will be deducted from the sales price”. If your renter turns in to a buyer, then discount the rental revenue.

Why should an RV buyer try before they buy?

It’s a good idea to have every major purchase inspected. It’s even better if you can use the product completely before you agree to buy.

The “Try Before You Buy” concept is becoming very popular for many different products. Most major online purchases come with a no questions asked guaranteed refund if you’re not satisfied.

An RV is a major purchase and having the ability to try it first is critical. Some of the major questions that can be answered simply by using the RV for just one weekend are many: Do you like the floor plan? Do you fit in the bed? Do all of the appliances work? Is it storage ample enough? What’s it like to empty the tanks? How does it all work?  Will we even like RV camping? The list goes on.

For the average novice, these questions are huge and most can be answered by simply renting the RV in a try before you buy offer. The worst case scenario is a fun weekend with the family. At best, you feel confident and happy with the deal you just agreed to with the RV owner.

Summary Benefits

By conveying confidence in the quality of your RV, you’re going to get more attention from prospective buyers. Nobody who is trying to unload a lemon will make this offer. If the renter doesn’t turn into a buyer, well you made a few bucks from your effort and the prospective buyer had a great weekend in your RV.

Remember, the average RV owner who rents out their RV occasionally as a side gig makes around $5,000 per year. If the renter turns into a buyer, then goal accomplished. It’s a good, fast, and honest way to sell an RV quickly without any after sell complaints.