Earn money renting your RV

Whether you deliver and set up your RV rental, or you rent out your RV on property, you can earn substantial income by renting out your RV.

When looking for a way to earn extra income, increase your savings, pay for travel, or simply pay off assets earlier, renting out your RV is a smart way to offset the costs and increase your take-home. Using an RV or camping trailer as a source of additional income also has advantages for potential tax credits and business deductions. Make sure you speak to a tax professional about this

Is renting out my RV safe? Answer: Yes

RV set up at campsiteYour Airstream, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or custom built tiny home trailer can make an excellent vacation home-base for others who may not own an RV. That said, the single biggest fear you may have  when renting out your RV is likely to be; is it safe? Or, will somebody destroy my rig? Or, what about insurance?

RVPlusYou was designed specifically for the renters who don’t want to drive or tow, and RV owners who simply want to earn income safely, with low damage and low mileage placed on their pride and joy. Our turn-key model addresses all of this, and it keeps all of the control in your hands.

  1. You determine the location(s) you want your RV to go to.
  2. You decide who will be your guest.
  3. You deliver (or arrange to deliver) your RV to those nearby locations… and yes, you charge a travel and set up fee!
  4. The renter never moves the RV. They use it on your property, their property, or a campground. Think cabin rental in the woods or unique outdoor getaway vacation rental.
  5. You are covered by our Protection Policy.
  6. When the rental period is over, you pick up the unit, or simply check out your guest. We then send you 97% of the rental fees that you set.

Can this turn into a side or full-time business?

row of RV camping by the beachRenting out your RV is a smart way to capitalize on an expensive “asset” that often sits in storage for most of the year. Is your RV an asset or a liability? If it’s simply pulling money out of your pocket every month, most people would define this as a liability, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many successful business minded people started out by renting their personal RV to others. Most were working their first career. Many began using the proceeds to build a nest egg, and slowly expand their fleet. It became their second career after retirement. It’s also common that a privately owned RV rental business owner started with one RV and is now generating millions in revenue from their business annually!

To start earning money by renting out your RV, you need to consider some important factors first:

  1. What is the demand for RV rentals in your geographic market?
  2. What is the average rental rate for a similar RV in your market?
  3. What are the popular campgrounds that campers want to experience?
  4. Will your personal RV insurance cover the RV if it is used as a rental? (The answer to this question is usually no.)
  5. How will you provide a unique customer experience to generate repeat and referral business?

Damage free

The result of “tail swing”

We work hard to create a money-making system that allows individuals to earn money while avoiding they typical pitfalls of letting someone else drive or tow your rig. We strive to offer you a positive experience when renting out your RV.

One of the benefits of listing on RVPlusYou is that we provide a damage and liability policy that covers your RV rental. Since the renters never drive, park or back-up your RV, that eliminates the opportunity for serious damage allowing us to provide this type of vacation rental insurance at no extra cost.


Finally, RVPlusYou provides the marketing and advertising. We only make money if you make money. The fees charged to RV owners is just 3%, which only covers our transaction costs. We generate our income from a guest fee charged to the guests that we bring to you. Your job is to simply provide a great experience. Customer support, online vacation rental software, marketing, and payment processing is all taken care of.