Earn money renting your RV

When looking for a way to earn extra income, increase your savings, or pay off assets earlier renting out the second most expensive asset you own is a smart way to offset your costs and increase your take-home. Using a RV or camping trailer as a source of additional income also has advantages for potential tax credits and business deductions (speak with your tax professional).

Your RV, fifth wheel, or camping trailer can be an excellent home base for others who may not know of or own their own RV. The single biggest fear you may have is somebody destroying your RV. At RVPlusYoy.com we addressed this fear by keeping all of the control in your hands.

  1. You determine the locations you want your RV to go
  2. You deliver (or arrange to deliver) your RV to that location… and yes you can charge for travel!
  3. The RV is never moved by a renter. They use it is a cabin in the woods or unique outdoor getaway.
  4. When the rental is over you pick up the unit.

Earning money renting out your RV is a smart way to capitalize on an expensive asset that often sits in storage most of the year. A number of very successful business people started out renting out their own RV, using the proceeds to build a nest egg, and slowly expanding their fleet. It is not unheard of to learn that a small RV rental business is generated millions of income annually renting out RVs!

To start earning money renting out your RV you need to consider some important factors first:

  1. What is the demand for RV rentals in your city?
  2. What is the average rental rate for a similar RV in your market?
  3. Where are campers looking to go with your RV?
  4. Will your insurance cover the RV if used as a rental? (answer usually no)
  5. How do you provide a good customer experience to get repeat and referral business

At RVPlusYou.com we have worked hard to create a money making system that allows you to earn money renting out your RV while avoiding the normal pitfalls that can cost you a lot. We provide industry leading insurance that covers the rental while it is being used by the renter. We avoid and eliminate RV renters from driving, parking or backing your RV up. We generate a ton of new business leads from campers looking for your unit.