A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

RV camping is incredibly fun. You’re surrounded by nature, and every day is an opportunity for a new adventure.

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

It is important to note that there is an etiquette involved in camping at an RV park.  As an RVer, you have it in your power to improve the experience of your fellow campers. Remember that your actions have an effect on those around you. Think about how you want other campers to act towards you and treat them in that same way.

This is your guide to being a good RV park neighbor.

RV Etiquette

Follow the rules

All campsites have their own set of rules. Make yourself aware of these rules and follow them at all times.

Arrive on time

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

It is common courtesy to show up for your campsite reservation on time.

Clean up

Keep your area clean at all times- the campground is not your trash can.

Remember to throw all of your trash away and don’t leave any items lying around. It is especially crucial that you don’t leave any food out after meals as it could attract wild animals.


A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

If you bring your pets camping, keep in mind that other people may not love your furry-friend as much as you do.   Make sure that you:

  • Never leave your pets unattended
  • Keep your pets on leashes at all times
  • Always clean up after your pets
Be careful with campfires

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

Campfires are a lot of fun, so long as they are done safely. Practice caution. No one wants to accidentally start a forest fire.

No trespassing

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

Respect those around you by not entering other people’s campsites. You wouldn’t want people disturbing your site, so make sure to extend that same courtesy to others.


If you smoke, make sure to do it downwind of your neighbors.

Quiet Time

Be aware of quiet hours and make sure to keep the noise level down during this time. This means no loud music, talking, or any other kind of disruptive noise.

Generator time

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

Don’t run your generator during quiet hours

Figure out when the optimal time to run your generator is. Try to find a time when campers around you are also running their generators.


  • Consider paying extra for quiet generators, such as these from Honda and Yamaha. They are an investment, but they reduce generator noise by half and last twice as long.
  • Solar is an alternative to loud generators. It is costlier up front, but it will save  you money in the end. Plus, there is the added benefit of getting rid of the annoying generator noise altogether.
Welcome your neighbor

A Guide to Being a Good RV Park Neighbor

People like to feel welcome. Make a point of introducing yourself and saying hello to your neighbors. Offer to answer any questions or help in any way you can. It’s never a bad idea to make new friends!

Meeting new people is part of the fun of RVing. Follow these guidelines and you and everyone around you are sure to have a good time.

Taking a Dog-Friendly RV Trip: What to Keep in Mind

Taking your dog RVing can make for an incredibly fun vacation. Any animal lover knows that our pets are a part of the family. What could be more fun than taking your furry friend on a camping trip? He or she can accompany you on all your exciting excursions and help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

This article will provide advice for anyone who is thinking of taking an RV trip with their dog.

Taking a Dog-Friendly RV Trip: What to Keep in Mind

There is some amount of preparation that you must do before taking your dog camping. The most important thing is making sure that the RV park or campground you are staying at is pet-friendly. The last thing you want is to show up only to find out that dogs are not allowed.

The following websites help you locate campgrounds that allow pets. Just type in your desired location, and the website will bring up nearby pet-friendly campsites.



Taking a Dog-Friendly RV Trip: What to Keep in Mind

Below are some more helpful tips if you are planning to bring your dog on an RV trip:

  • Pack everything your dog needs. It is a good idea to make a list beforehand so you don’t forget anything. Here are some important items to remember:                              



Food and treats


Bowls for food and water


Medication (if your dog needs any)

Paper towels

  • Make sure your dog is vaccinated. Some campgrounds will require your dog’s health records and proof of vaccination. Have these documents with you in case you need them.


  • Keep plastic bags on hand. It is important that you are considerate to your fellow campers and always to clean up after your dog.


  • Never leave your dog unattended.


  • If you need to leave your dog in the RV at any time, make sure that you leave out food and water and that the temperature in the RV is ok. You don’t want your pet to overheat.


  • Keep your dog strapped in with a harness or in pet carrier whenever you are driving. Just like a person, your pet needs to remain secure when the vehicle is in motion. You wouldn’t want your dog to get jostled around in the case of any sudden stops.

Taking a Dog-Friendly RV Trip: What to Keep in Mind

Use these tips and you’ll be all set to bring your four-legged friend on your trip. If you are searching for campgrounds to take your dog to, here are a few RV parks in California that are pet-friendly:

Riverside Campground & Cabins – Big Sur, CA
San Onofre State Beach Campground – San Diego, CA
Monterey County Fairgrounds RV Camping – Monterey, CA
Pismo Coast Village RV Resort- Pismo Beach, CA
Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort – Oceano, CA
Chula Vista RV Resort – Chula Vista, CA
Ocean Mesa at El Capitan Canyon – Santa Barbara, CA

Taking a Dog-Friendly RV Trip: What to Keep in Mind

Wherever you and your dog end up, you’re sure to have a blast. Bringing your beloved pet with you on your vacation makes for an unforgettable experience.

Have fun!

Types of RVs

There are many different types of RVs on the market. Understanding the differences between them will ensure that you choose the best vehicle for your needs. Some important factors to keep in mind while choosing an RV are where you are going, how large your group is, and your budget. This article will break down the differences between some popular types of RVs in order to help you see which RV is right for your purposes.


Motorized RVs

Class A motorhomes

types of RVs

These are the largest and most costly RVs out there. They offer the most space, storage, and luxury features. Some Class A motorhomes have slide-outs for an even larger living space. These vehicles are especially good for large parties.



Camper Van (Class B motorhome)

types of RVs
The camper van is more compact than a Class A, but still offers bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom amenities. The more compact size makes it easier to park and drive Keep in mind that the interior space is smaller and may prove uncomfortable for more than two travelers.




Class C motorhome

types of RVs
These mid-sized RVs offer more space than a Class B and have similar amenities to a Class A. The Class C offers a lot of sleeping space, including an overhead compartment for sleeping and couches and tables that fold out into beds.





Towable RVs

Towable RVs get transported by getting hooked to the back of a motorized vehicle. It is important that the vehicle has a towing capacity equal to the weight of the loaded RV.

Travel Trailer

types of RVs
Travel trailers are mid-sized, giving them room for a kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, a living area, and storage. Some travel trailers come equipped with slide-outs to create even more space.



Fifth Wheel

types of RVs
The fifth wheel is similar to the standard travel trailer. The main differentiating feature is the over-cab bed. The raised sleeping area allows for maximum living space. This includes a bathroom, a kitchen, and an area for dining. Fifth wheels are made to be towed behind a pickup truck that has a fifth-wheel hitch. Depending on the model, the RV can have up to four slideouts.


Pop-Up Camper

types of RVs
These lightweight campers are collapsible and expand after parking for lots of space. They allow for a similar experience to camping in a tent without the need to sleep on the ground. Since they are lightweight, they can easily be towed behind most standard sized cars. They are easy to set up as well as to store.


Toy Haulers

types of RVs
These vehicles are designed for people who want to bring their ATVs, motorbikes, or other gear with them camping. They were designed to carry this heavy equipment. The front compartment contains the living area, while the back compartment has room for storing your gear.




Every type of RV has its own unique set of benefits. With so many different types of RVs to choose from, you’re bound to find the one that meets your every need.

Tips For Renting An RV

There are many benefits to renting an RV. RVs provide an amazing and unique vacation opportunity. While it isn’t practical for everyone to own their own RV, renting still gives you the ability to enjoy all the perks that an RV offers. RV rentals are great for a variety of occasions, including:

  • a place to stay while your house is under remodel
  • extra space to house guests over holidays or for family reunions
  • weekend getaways with friends
  • family vacations

Additionally, RVs are a great way to take an affordable vacation. They offer all the amenities that you need, including a full kitchen and a bathroom, and can sleep several people, for a lower price than one hotel room.

There are a variety of locations that you can you take an RV. Some destinations include:

  • National parks
  • Beaches
  • Campgrounds
  • RV resort

If you are thinking about renting an RV, there are several important factors to consider. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you in planning your RV trip.


1. Research types of RVs.

There are several different types, and you want to make sure you choose the best RV for your needs.

2. Plan Ahead

It is important to book your RV park or campsite in advance.

3. Budget

Having an idea of how much you want to spend on your trip will help you from going over budget. Know how much it costs to rent the RV per night, plus any additional fees. Also consider the cost of the campsite and any additional activities you may do.

4. Insurance/Security Deposit

The RVPlusYou  Protection Policy covers insurance as long as the RV is booked on our website. Some RV rentals do require an initial security deposit.

5. Meal Planning

Make sure you pack enough food for the length of your trip.

6. Prepare

Make sure you know what the RV comes with (towels, bedding, pillows…) and what you need to bring.

All of these tips will help ensure that your vacation is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

RVPlusYou: Everything You Need to Know About a Delivered RV Rental Service

Looking to take an RV trip without the hassle of towing? RVPlusYou is the RV rental delivery service for your vacation needs.

What is an RV rental delivery service?

RVPlusYou connects RV renters to RV owners who deliver their RV to your location and set it up for you.

All you do is book the camp site- no driving or towing necessary.

How the site works:

RVPlusYou is a way for RV rental companies, as well as individual RV owners, to list their RV rentals and find renters. The booking takes place through our website. We provide a means of communication between the owner and the renter.

Renters can find RVs that can get delivered to their desired locations.

A delivered RV rental can get delivered and set up and just about any location the renter chooses.


Most rentals don’t require a renter to secure insurance, because the renter isn’t driving the RV. As long as the RV is booked on the RVPlusYou website, the RV is covered by the RVPlusyou Protection Policy from check in until check out. This saves both the RV owner and the RV renter from having to worry about insurance.


  • A delivered RV rental is a great way to take an affordable vacation. They come with a number of amenities (furniture, bathroom, linens and towels, stocked kitchen, and more) and are much more cost efficient than a hotel room.
  • No driving or towing required.
  • No need to worry about insurance.
  • Fewer accidents because the renter is not driving the RV.
  • There are RV owners all over the country. Typically, a delivered RV doesn’t have to travel far from where it is stored to its destination. This saves gas money and means that less fuel is getting released into the atmosphere.
  • The convenience of having your RV set up and ready at your location of choice.  All you have to do is show up!

There are many RV parks and resorts all over the country, making it easy to find a place that meets your needs. Just book your campsite, find an RV in that area, and get ready for an amazing, hassle-free vacation!

Why RV Rental Companies Should List their RV’s on RVPlusYou

RV Rental set up at Pismo Coast Village
RV Rental set up in Pismo Beach, CA

Why should smaller privately owned RV rental companies rent out their RV’s to customers who want an RV that is already set up and ready?  Why rent through online peer to peer RV rental websites like RVPlusYou

There are a lot of reasons why it doesn’t make sense for Cruise America, Road Bear, Apollo, and El Monte, all big corporate RV rental companies, to rent through online travel agencies like RVPlusYou. The biggest reason is they don’t need to.  Their model is a niche vehicle rental business, as opposed to RVPlusYou which is a niche inside the vacation rental market. It focuses on the “Delivered RV Rental” model.

So, what about the smaller mom and pop RV rental companies? Why should they list their inventory on a peer to peer website? What’s the downside? The short answer is that there is very little downside and a lot of upside. Let’s go through the list.

On the upside:

  • Marketing – Simply put, RVPlusYou does a lot of marketing and buys a lot of ads. While RV rental companies are in the business of renting RV’s, and hopefully good at it, they’re typically not very good at marketing.
  • Seasonality – RV rentals are typically a seasonal business for most companies. So what if you could get a few more weeks out of your season? RVPlusYou helps fill in cancellations and broadens the shoulders of your season.
  • Delivered vs. Driving Rentals – Because renters don’t drive or tow, there is less damage when a professional backs that beast into the campsite. Renters cause damage, period. They also chew up the miles and cause depreciation of inventory faster than delivered rentals do.
  • Target market – Most RV rental companies attract those who want to drive. RVPlusYou targets those renters who want a comfortable camping experience, need some extra space for family at their home, or they’re attending a wedding or an event. RV rental companies don’t typically spend marketing dollars on these markets.
  • Cost of Service – Because RVPlusYou charges only a 3% “Host Service Fee”, the cost of a credit card transaction, there is no affect on your business model. All services effectively are free of charge because RVPlusYou charges the renter, “found” customers that are either members of their site, or that they find.
  • RV Rental Fees – All fees and cancellation policies are set by the RV owner, or rental company when they set their listing. This way, there is no confusion and both parties know what to expect.
  • Service – The following services are provided at no extra cost for all RV owners and rental companies when they sign up and list:
    • Customer support – Toll free service, online chat, and email support 24/7.
    • Online Booking Engine – Cuts down on operational time and expenses for most rental operations.
    • Reservation and booking software – Maintained and supported by RVPlusYou, used by RV owners.
    • Protection Policy – $5,000 supplemental damage, and $300,000 liability

On the downside:

  • Booking – Renters must book on RVPlusYou.  Most see this as a positive, but if you have a unique booking system, other than a phone and a fax, then this might require a work-around for your operation.
  • Rental Fees – Because the credit card transaction is handled by RVPlusYou, rental fees are not dispersed until the rental period ends. For some, cash flow is sited as problem. But since most of our rentals are last minute “found” revenue, it’s not an issue.


It’s free to list and there is no obligation to rent to anyone who inquires. You can activate and deactivate anytime with no long-term commitments. With all this upside and very little downside, why not give it a try? Click here to sign up and list!

About Us

About Us

RV Rentals by owner, delivered to Campgrounds, Private Homes, Weddings, Events, and other destinations. No driving or towing. Your Delivered RV is set up and ready for your arrival!


RVPlusYou was created to bring RV renters and owners together for a great camping experience. No driving or towing required, the RV rental transactions on RVPlusYou are safer with less damage. We make sure that both private parties get what they expect in the transaction. RV owners have an opportunity to safely earn extra income with limited risk of damage to their RV, and without a lot of depreciation due to high mileage.

There are over 10 million recreational vehicles in North America that sit idle 86% of the time. RVPlusYou is all about making it easy for RV owners to rent their RV to quality travelers in an easy to offer online rental process. Both RV owners and RV renters are reviewed and rated so each party knows who they’re renting from and who they are renting to!

RVPlusYou was built on a “Trust Platform”. This means that all parties involved are reviewed and rated by users of the site. There is absolutely no better way to confirm the quality and service to be provided and no better way to trust the transaction by knowing who you are dealing with. Because of this unique tool built into our RV rental community, renters will find clean, comfortable, working RV’s upon arrival. The better each RV owner performs, the better his or her review. From check-in to check-out each RV owner and host service provider has tremendous incentive to be gracious and accommodating. And, because renters are dealing with private parties, the cost is often far more affordable than a corporate RV rental company!

Introducing an effortless solution for a comfortable outdoor camping or event experience!

As entrepreneurs and RV owners ourselves, we were inspired to create our own global RV Rental booking platform with a distinctive edge and advanced search features to target this under-served market for delivered RV rentals.

We’re pleased to offer RVPlusYou, an online booking engine and hosted software solution for delivered RV rentals, where we promote a fun, healthy lifestyle by providing a complete online RV rental solution for private RV owners and renters. 


Contact Us

For problems with a reservation, please first send a message to or call your RV owner/host, or your guest. This is often the best way to quickly resolve problems that may arise before, during, or after your stay. Remember, the contact information for each party can be accessed via your dashboard once you log in to your account. You can also find contact information in the message string located in your inbox.

We do our best to answer all calls, but before calling please make sure that the answer to your question isn’t already covered in our FAQ.

What is the best way to contact us? Email is the best way to insure we get your message. Chat is also a good option if an agent is logged in and available to take chats, (see home page of website).


RVPlusYou, LLC.
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By email: Support@RVPlusYou.com

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Date of effectiveness

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