About Us

About RVPlusYou

RVPlusYou is all about RV rentals by owner, delivered to Campgrounds, Private Homes, Weddings, Events, and other destinations. No driving or towing required. Your Delivered RV is set up and ready for your arrival!

In 2014, RVPlusYou was created by a group of central coast California business leaders who enjoy the outdoors and wanted to bring RV renters and owners together for a great camping experience. We’ve been proving this business model, growing our membership, and enhancing the RV rental experience ever since, and love what we do.

We believe that no driving or towing required RV rentals will bring more people to the outdoors. The RV rental isn’t the end goal, it’s the outdoor experience and we’ve proven that rental transactions on RVPlusYou are safer with less damage, and less hassle for the novice RV renters who just want to camp in comfort.

We make sure that both private parties get what they expect in the transaction. RV owners have an opportunity to safely earn extra income from their otherwise idle asset, with limited risk of damage to their RV, and without a lot of depreciation due to high mileage. RV renters can focus on the fun and the experience.

There are over 10 million recreational vehicles in North America that sit idle 86% of the time. RVPlusYou is all about making it easy for RV owners to rent their RV to quality travelers in an easy to offer online rental process. Both RV owners and RV renters are reviewed and rated so each party knows who they’re renting from and who they are renting to!

As entrepreneurs and RV owners ourselves, we were inspired to create an RV Rental booking platform with a distinctive edge, real benefits, and advanced features that allow both RV owners and RV rental companies to target this under-served market for delivered RV rentals.

We’re pleased to promote a fun, healthy lifestyle by providing a complete online RV rental solution that is safe and carries a lower risk of damage for private RV owners and new renters looking to get outside and camp in comfort!