New RV Rental Features on RVPlusYou

RVPlusYou has a new logo, and some cool new features!

RVPlusYou LogoYes, we have a new look and logo! We think that this new logo better represents our business model: Delivered RV Rentals.

Our focus is on bringing you renters who don’t want to drive or tow your rig, they want it delivered. In our effort to help you manage your RV rentals, we’ve implemented a number of new features with more coming soon.

What other features are coming soon for our RV owners and rental companies? Check it out!

New Features Implemented:

  • Click to CallGold Hosts and prospective RV renters both have the option to click and call each other prior to booking. This feature is exclusive to the RVPlusYou platform, but only available to Gold Hosts.
  • Credit card payment processing – In June of 2020, we migrated to Stripe for credit card processing. With this change, we added two major features to benefit RV owners and renters:
    1. Damage Deposit Token – Rather than pulling actual funds from renters, RVPlusYou now holds a damage deposit token to back RV owners in case of damage.
    2. 50% Payment Option – Renters can now pay just 50% of the total fees if their check-in date is more than 30 days out. By not requiring full payment, nor actual funds for deposits, this becomes a huge advantage for renters and RV owners.
  • SMS Text Notifications – Alerts to new leads from renters now go directly to your phone, with a link to the messaging center for quicker response. Simply click the link from your phone and easily type out your response to the rental request.

New Features Coming Soon:

  • Express Offer – For RV owners and rental companies who market their RV’s on their own website, or on sites such as Craigslist or Facebook yet wish to process payment for rentals on the RVPlusYou platform, we are soon launching Express Offer: An easy way to send offers to renters who find you outside of the RVPlusYou rental platform.
      • Take advantage of RVPlusYou’s advanced payment platform, security, and communication features for just 3% of your total rental fees.
      • Enjoy benefits such as our Protection Plan, and Gold Host program. included in all bookings through our website.
      • Allow RVPlusYou to assist in expediting disputes and/or issues between you and guests when damage arises.
  • Ratings – A new rating and review system is coming soon. Guests and hosts will easily and quickly be able to rate and review each other. With links to social platforms, this new process will boost your visibility and enhance the SEO of your RV rental listing.

We recognize that you have choices when it comes to RV rental platforms and booking sites. Our goal is to not only bring you qualified renters, but to bring both RV owners and renters valuable features that actually make a difference yet without charging exorbitant fees.

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