Does Your RV Need Some Attention?

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Lot Rot Can Be Costly: Fire Destroy’s RV’s Due to Lack of Attention

RV's on Fire
Three RVs burn at a storage facility in Goleta. (Photo courtesy Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara Co. Fire Dept.)

RV’s don’t do well sitting idle. Non-use takes a toll on plumbing, electrical, and mechanical parts. Beyond having to replace expensive parts or perform expensive maintenance, you can also cause some real damage and endanger lives as this KSBY news video shows. Time to give your RV some attention?

Some owners find out the hard way; when preparing for the annual vacation, some RV’s just didn’t like being alone all year long.


Why Not Rent Out Your RV? Earn Extra Income and Keep Your RV Maintained

Regular attention and maintenance can solve this issue, which is one of the arguments behind the concept of sharing at RVPlusYouRVPlusYou shows owners how to avoid problems, create a quality RV rental listing, and earn extra income by renting out their RV, and sometimes it’s a lot of extra income. In this case, the RV’s that burned down were located in Santa Barbara County, home to Flying Flags RV Resort, one of the most popular locations for RV rentals delivered and set up at this popular family vacation destination.

You don’t have to share it often to make money and offset your cost of ownership, but regular use can help avoid costly repairs. Letting an asset like an RV sit idle and rot is hard enough on the pocketbook. Not using it or allowing others to use it imposes a real opportunity cost on RV owners as well.

Just 8 rentals per year can generate as much as $5,000; enough for a pretty swell road trip. Oh, and it may save you thousands in costly repair and hassle.

For more information on how you can earn extra income, and keep your RV in shape and ready to travel, check out our free RV Rental Business Guide.