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Why is our RV Rental Program the right choice for you?

You”re eco-friendly!
  • By having RV owners share with renters and delivering to local destinations, RV renters can travel in more fuel efficient cars
  • By renting RV’s near their storage facility, and at cool delivered destinations all over North America, RV’s travel shorter distances to where they will be used.
  • If renters rent, rather than buy, the use per vehicle is cut dramatically. Energy and resources used to manufacture RV’s drops and production becomes very efficient.
Get families outside
  • We all know it’s important to spend more time outside exercising and eating right. The camper’s lifestyle supports these goals
  • Many people don’t feel comfortable driving or towing a big box. By having an experienced driver deliver and set up the RV rental, more people can enjoy the outdoors and spend less time figuring out how to drive, tow, or set up an RV
  • Renting an RV from an owner (private party) is typically much less expensive than renting from the big corporate guys.
Earn extra income
  • By sharing just 6 times per year, you can earn as much as $5,000, cut emissions, and help a family afford to go camping
  • By sharing your RV, you keep it maintained. RV’s don’t like to sit, they simply crumble and die if they’re not used.
  • Extra income means money for your own vacations and the ability to help cover the cost of owning
  • Being officially in the RV rental business can also mean tax benefits, (see your tax professional for details).

So, whether you’re an RV owner or an RV renter, thank you for joining us!

RV Rental Business: A Start Up Guide