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Why is the RVPlusYou RV Rental Program a better choice when renting out your personal rig, and for most small RV rental companies?

RVPlusYou has a different approach smaller RV rental businesses (less than 5 units). We promote ‘Delivered RV Rentals’ and recommend that these small companies do NOT let renters drive or tow. Why?
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    Less damage – Over 95% of all damage happens when renters move your rig, and most small rental companies do not have a repair shop.

    • Yes, you will have more rentals if you let renters drive, but you will have to accommodate more returns with damage. What does damage mean for the next renter booked into the damaged RV?
  • Environment – By focusing on delivered RV rentals, there is not only less damage, but less fuel and carbon expended because RVs move shorter distances from storage to destination.
  • Insurance – The most difficult challenge to this business is damage and liability. Accidents involving RV’s with other vehicles carry huge risk, hence the need for complicated and involved paperwork with each renter. The delivered rental does not carry this same level of risk.
Sharing your RV helps families get outside, and in comfort

We all know how important it is to spend more time outside, exercise, and eat right. The camper’s lifestyle supports these goals. Most people don’t feel comfortable driving or towing a big box. By having an experienced driver deliver and set up the RV rental, more people can enjoy the outdoors without having to figure out how to drive, tow, park, or set up an RV.

You earn extra income

By sharing your RV just 6 times per year, you can earn as much as $5,000, cut emissions, and help families afford to go camping. Sharing your RV gives you a reason to keep it clean, maintained, and ready to go camping! This is important because RVs don’t like to sit – they simply fall apart if they’re not used.

Extra income means money for your own vacations and the ability to help cover the cost of owning. Owning an RV rental business can also mean huge tax benefits and savings, (see your tax professional for details).

So, whether you’re an RV owner or an RV renter, thank you for joining us!

RV Rental Business: A Start-Up Guide