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How do I make my listing stand out?
RV set up at RV resort in Paso Robles
RV Rental at Wine Country Resort

This listing guide will tell you everything you need to know to get the best results from your RV rental listing. Follow these steps and your listing will rise to the top and get more inquiries, more rentals, and more rental income.

Keep in mind, the guests we bring to you tend to be novice. They want to camp in comfort and are looking for an experience; a destination, or a solution for their trip or circumstance that is different than what they can get from a hotel or a tent.

Remember, the typical profile of RV renters and guests that we target include the following:

  • Many have never used an RV and are unfamiliar them
  • They don’t want to drive or tow an RV. They just want to use it.
  • They want to leave the hassle of set-up to you.
  • They don’t have camping equipment. They expect to share yours.
  • They are renting your RV for the destination, event, or trip purpose (this includes short term housing)
  • They expect a clean, comfortable, and completely outfitted RV when they arrive or when the RV is delivered.
Follow these points to create a professional listing:
  • Your profile – This must be a picture of you. No logo’s, no RV’s. It should be a picture that represents who you are. It might include your spouse and/or other family. People want to rent from real people. Tell them about yourself, who you are, what you like to do, why you are renting your RV.
  • Location – Choose a popular destination in your area. Where do visitors and tourists like to stay when they visit? Place your RV in this setting and capture the experience, the surroundings, and benefits tied to this
    RV rental set up at campground in Avila
    RV Rental at Port San Luis Harbor, Avila Beach, CA.

    location. If you can’t get your RV to this location for the photos, take some photos of the location and blend those photos into the lineup on your listing. Or, perhaps you have some photos of a past camping trip with your family. Your prospective guest can get a very good idea of what to expect by simply combining RV pictures with location pictures mixed into the same listing.

Note: Some people are looking for an RV to have placed at their homes during kitchen remodels, reunions, or other occasions that require space. Mention this option in your listing.

  • Delivery Area – Our search criteria will present RV listings within a 60-mile radius of the search criteria entered by the renter. If your RV is listed within this radius, your RV rental will be an option for the renter. Make sure you cover your desired delivery area. If you will deliver within a 90 mile range, enter two listings for the same RV to cover the chosen range. Be sure to price the delivery of your 2nd listing appropriately to cover your increased expenses.
  • Photos – Choose wisely. This may be the most important feature of your listing and should accurately reflect the condition of your RV. Use natural lighting when possible and keep a frame of reference, meaning no close ups. Try to capture the location features or benefits in the background. Most people are visual in nature. They need to “see it” before they can dream it. Your RV with a sunset, stream, vineyard, or trees in the background is very powerful. Inside pictures should be taken with plenty of light and from the furthest perspective. Include a layout of the RV if possible. You can usually find these online at the manufacturer’s website.
  • Description – Besides photos, a good description of your RV and the location(s) that you will deliver to is at the top of the list in importance. Note the following:
  • Search Engine Headers – Your title is your H1 header. This is what Google crawls and is how they identify what your page is all about.
    • Keywords – “RV Rental San Diego” or “RV Rental Bodega Bay” are good examples of a what someone might search.
    • Accuracy – You absolutely must describe exactly what you are renting and what your terms are. Include all relevant information such as; where you are willing to rent, e.g. county, parks, or private homes and other geographic definitions. Include a description of the location you’ve chosen to list, the features, benefits and best site options.
  • Calendar – Update your calendar on a weekly basis. People will not take you seriously if you don’t update your calendar.
  • Pricing – They system allows you to price your rental differently for weekends and holidays. This is a great tool that lets the system do the work. Take time to set this up in the beginning and you’ll generate more income. Remember, there is a market for all RV’s (old or new) in working condition. We have Airstreams priced at over $300 per night and smaller trailers at $80 per night.
  • Be a Host – Most people visiting your area have never been to the location you are delivering and setting up. Tell them about it and include tips on where to go and what to see.
  • Amenities – Make sure to list all of your amenities into the appropriate fields. The system allows significant filtering when searching for a rental. If you don’t list your amenities, your listing may not appear to the renter.
  • Address Make sure to enter the address of the location, not your home or business. Our website uses Google Maps to display location. Use the “Pinpoint on a Map” feature to place your location to show a “street view” of the campground where you will deliver. If you use your home address, they will see your house, not the desired destination.
  • Guest book – Create a guest book online. Help your guest renter choose the best restaurants, hiking, biking, and other attractions in your area.
  • Facebook and other social media – The single biggest factor that will contribute the most to your success is YOU. Share your new venture with your friends. You will be surprised at how many of your friends will support you and help you spread the word. A friend of a friend wants to rent your RV! So, sign in with your Facebook account to get the most out of your new venture. Click on the social icon buttons to create a post of your listing.
  • Alert settings – This is done in your account settings. Edit profile and enter your mobile phone for SMS alerts. When a guest makes an inquiry, you must be responsive. If you wait too long to reply, they will move on to the next RV owner and rent their RV instead of yours.

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