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RV Rental for Avila Beach Camping    

RV Rental Delivered: Setup at location of choice - Travel Trailer ·

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The calendar is updated every five minutes and is only an approximation of availability. We suggest that you contact the host to confirm.

The prices listed are per day.

RV Rental delivered and already set up for camping in Avila Beach, California. Our 33 foot travel trailer is set it up at your campsite, ready for your arrival, or meet you there!

This campground is located at Port San Luis Harbor in Avila Beach, a beautiful coastal town that is absolutely stunning! This upscale home on wheels is all yours and the view is included! We've decided to place our trailer on the water in Avila Beach or any campground you might choose in San Luis Obispo County, California.

This campground does NOT take reservations. Secure your reservation, then plan to secure your spot at the campground. We can meet you there as early as 10am when people begin checking out. It is advisable to have a 2nd option chosen at a nearby campground such as the Avila Beach KOA or Pismo State Beach.

At this location you'll be steps from the sand or high on the hill overlooking Avila Bay, but any San Luis Obispo County campground you choose will have easy access to the beach, hiking, golf, restaurants, walking piers, fishing, boating, and unique shopping. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience one of California's best camping experiences on the Central Coast in the total comfort of this private 250 square foot home on wheels.

The RV has a complete kitchen, small bath, a sizeable living area, and a cozy bedroom with queen size walk around bed. Two bunks in the back plus the dinette and couch fold out into a bed. This unit is completely furnished and outfitted with everything you'll need to enjoy the beautiful Central Coast area. Sip wine while watching the sea life and the sun set on the water, or wake to the smell of the wine country vineyards. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Bring your bikes and cruise the vineyards, travel the Bob Jones bike trail or any number of bike friendly roads and paths that weave their way through this beautiful area. Downtown SLO, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, and Avila Beach are all favorites. Avila Hot Springs is also an easy ride, or take the See Canyon route where you can taste amazing Central Coast wines.

Because the campground at Port San Luis Harbor, Avila Beach does NOT take reservations, we advise that you make reservations at the Pismo State Beach, Morro Bay, or Avila Beach KOA (search on Google) from May 1st through November 1st and plan to check in on a Monday – Thursday.

Be prepared for second choice, especially if your trip is on or near a holiday weekend. Monday – Thursday check in will increase your chances of getting a site because the campground at Avila Beach is first come first serve and no reservations are taken by the Harbor District.

Off peak times, usually after October and before May are much less crowded and you should not have a problem getting a spot at Avila during off peak non-holidays.

Please contact me in advance to discuss details of booking this location.

CLEANING FEE: $100 if left dirty, $0 if returned clean. Fee deducted from deposit so please return as you found it. Thanks!

Enjoy your trip!

  • RV or Listing Types: Travel Trailer
  • Accommodates: 10
  • Security Deposit:Questionmark_hover $500.00
  • Check In: 12:00 PM
  • Check Out: 12:00 PM
  • Cancellation Policy:Moderate: $250 reservation fee if cancelled within 30 days of arrival, plus booking fees
  • Placement Fee:$150.00
  • Has amenity / Allowed

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    Toilet Questionmark_hover

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    Refrigerator Questionmark_hover

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    Full Kitchen Questionmark_hover

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    Microwave Oven (powered by electricity) Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    TV - DVD player - cable hook up option Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Satelite TV Questionmark_hover

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    Expandable slide out Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Propane BBQ Questionmark_hover

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    Portable Heater Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Awning Questionmark_hover

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    Fire Pit - Portable Questionmark_hover

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    Camp chairs - (2 minimum) Questionmark_hover

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    Kitchen Essentials Questionmark_hover

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    Bathroom Essentials Questionmark_hover

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    Bedroom Essentials Questionmark_hover

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    Coffee maker

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    Generator Questionmark_hover

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Welcome Valued Guest!

Please make yourself at home, wherever this mobile home on wheels may be.

CLEANING FEE: $100 if left dirty, $0 if returned clean. Fee deducted from deposit so please return as you found it. Thanks!

This pet free RV and all of the camping accessories are yours to enjoy. Feel free to cook, BBQ, play games, watch TV, read, or just relax. Use the refrigerator and other appliances as you would at your own home. Dishes and utensils are provided as well.

In most campsites quiet time is 10pm to 7am. Please don’t run the generator during these times. Please read the campground rules as you are responsible for following them. Please be respectful of your neighbors, the facilities, and the surrounding environment.

This unit runs on DC, two 6 volt batteries which are fully charged and running in parallel to provide the most amp hours possible. If you are connected to AC power the batteries are charging and the 110 volt outlets are live.

The TV/entertainment system, furnace, slide, awning, and water pump will run on DC but be mindful of the limited power supply. The coffee pot, air conditioning, and microwave run on AC; DON’T RUN THEM AT THE SAME TIME OR YOU WILL TRIP THE CIRCUIT BREAKER.

The refrigerator will run on propane gas, or electric depending on whether or not you are hooked up to power. The stove and water heater run on propane gas. You need to use a lighter or match to start the stove and oven.

You will find towels in the closet and extra bedding under the queen bed. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE DINNETE BED. IT IS BROKEN. There are only two beds, the fold out sofa bed and the queen bed which both have clean sheets.

The RV has a furnace with a thermostat, see instructions for use. We recommend leaving it off at night as it will get stuffy very quickly if you leave it on.

Unless you have sewer hook ups, the sinks and bathtub all drain into a 35 gallon grey water tank. This fills up fast so conservation is a must. The toilet drains into a separate 35 gallon black water tank. We recommend using the campground facilities when possible to eliminate the need to dump. Dumping requires moving the trailer and a $75 fee will be charged to come out and dump, then replace the RV in the site.

The propane tank will supply your BBQ should you choose to use it. Turn counter clockwise to open, then press igniter button on the BBQ to light.

We have two bikes for you to use, with two helmets and a bike lock. The bike lock is in the bike bag and the pump is in the front storage compartment of the RV. Feel free to use the bikes and explore the area. Bike policy is break you buy, fix, or replace.

Check out is usually noon, but campground rules apply. We’ll arrive an hour before check out to give us enough time to break down camp. Just leave the keys on the counter in the entry way when you leave. If you owe money for the campground just leave it with the keys. Make sure to leave a review when prompted by RVplusYou.com and we’ll do the same!

Safe travels and please visit again next time you roll through.

Best wishes,

Russ and Cheryl Lovell – 805-801-6648 (mobile number in case of questions or emergency)

RV Appliance use and instructions

 Propane/Carbon Monoxide/Smoke alarm – This is located under the refrigerator and on ceiling. If you set off the alarm from cooking, simply press the reset button on the alarm. It will silence.
 Water Pump – If you have full hook ups, you won’t need the water pump and it should be kept off. If “dry camping” the pump should be kept on. It is located on the tank gauge above kitchen sink. This supplies the entire RV with water pressure and you will hear the pump working after a faucet is used.
 Tank gauge – Press the corresponding buttons to tell you the status of each tank. Please watch this gauge during your stay and call if the tanks reach full. The grey water will back up into the shower it goes past full, and the black water tank will back up into the toilet if it overflows.
 Hot water tank – Located near the tank gauge, both the gas and electric settings should stay on. You have a 5 gallon tank on board. The exhaust is behind the rear entry door and is very hot. Be careful. The pilot light works just like your unit at home. It will light automatically and stay on during your stay.
 Refrigerator – This will be set to the auto position and runs on either propane or electric. If the RV is not connected to electricity then it will run on propane. It will be running when you arrive but may not reach optimum temp until running for at least 4 hours. If “check” light appears, turn to off position, count to 10, then turn back on to the auto position.
 Stove top / Oven – With lighter in hand, turn valve to ignite and light the burner. The pilot light for the oven is in the back, underneath the burner. If pilot doesn’t stay lit, hold lighter on to safety heat sensor for 20 seconds before lighting.
 Honda Generator – This will already be plugged in when you arrive. If you are staying less than 3 days you probably won’t need the generator to charge batteries. You will however need it to run any electric devices. To start; turn to “On” position, then turn on “choke”. Pull starter cord and once running for 5-10 seconds, turn choke off. Run up to 2 hours at a time. To stop; Turn to off position. You won’t need the choke to start it if the unit is already warmed up. If the circuit breaks – The generator has a safety feature that will stop the generator if you pull too many amps. The engine will keep running but the generator stops functioning. You must turn off the generator then restart. Use only one appliance at a time.
 Coffee Maker – This is an electric coffee maker and will not work without full electric hook-up, or generator on. If dry-camping, start generator then turn on coffee. Do not use more than one appliance at a time or the circuit will break. Phone chargers are okay to leave plugged in while running the appliance.
 Microwave Oven – The RV must be plugged in to the electric connection in order to use the microwave oven. If you are dry-camping you must have the generator on to use the microwave. Don’t use the microwave while other appliances are plugged in. The microwave unit pulls 20 amps which is the max output of the generator; therefore the circuit will break if you try to use more than one appliance at a time. Phone chargers are usually okay to use while the microwave is on.
 Thermostat – This has 3 settings: Fan, cool, and furnace. You will likely only use the furnace. Simply press “On/off/Mode” button until you reach the furnace setting, then adjust the temp, + or – to desired temp. The cool setting is for the air conditioning and is only available if the RV is plugged into a 30 amp or higher connection. The fan works only if plugged into electric. Keep in off mode until ready to use the unit.
 Slide – Please do not press the slide button at anytime. This has been adjusted to the park setting while you are camping and to avoid injury or damage to the unit, it should not be used.
 Awning – Please retract the awning with the first sign of wind, and also at night to avoid wind damage. It will rip in high wind and it is expensive to replace. The awning will retract and extend automatically when you press the awning button. Do not hang items from the awning.
 Tank valves and sewer hose – Located on under the pop out, this should be left alone. We have set the sewer lines and adjusted the valve for full hook up sites. If moved or bumped it could cause a spill. If dry-camping the valves will be shut and should not be opened or there will be a spill. The harbor districts, state, and federal parks strictly enforces raw sewage spills. You don’t want one of those expensive tickets.
 TV/Entertainment center – Located under the TV. Press menu to change input method: Cable or antenna. Press Aux 1 or 2 in order to use IPod or USB input. Speaker A is inside, B is outside, and C is for use if you want to TV sound to play through inside speakers. When rotating the TV to optimum viewing angle, please be mindful of the cords which are wrapped around the post.

  • Fellow Campers this is an amazing Unit!, comes with every thing you need all you have to do is show up!, We stayed in it for a week Dry Camping so other then limiting our water usage we didn't worry about a thing, Beds were almost to comfortable, uni... More »

    August 2015
  • The RV was delivered by Russ who set us up with a walk-up (read: hard to get) site in the beautiful fishing port of Avila Beach (part of the port authority). Because he knows the coastline and campsites well, he was able to hook us up with the best ... More »

    January 2016
  • My wife and I have been thinking of buying a RV. Not sure if we were cut out for the camping life so we decided to rent before purchasing. We decided to use RVPLUS YOU for our RV rental. Camping location was Avila Beach. The RV rental experience cou... More »

    May 2016
  • Russ made this trip one that we will never forget! He was always available to answer any questions before and during the trip. The RV was so comfortable... My husband says he slept better in that bed than he had in months! The views were incredible a... More »

    August 2016
  • Great experience!!! Russ had everything set up before we arrive! Even the chairs were set out! We had a little trouble with an alarm and he had someone out to fix it very quickly. He also showed up and cleaned up for us when we were packing to leave.... More »

    May 2016
  • My family had the most amazing summer vacation and it all started with securing a trailer from Russ. I am new to renting and he made the entire process easy for us. He was always responsive to our inquiries and helpful in planning our trip. We arri... More »

    July 2016
  • Hi Russ, Everything was set up at Pismo Coast Village just as you advertised. It took us a day to get used to a different RV, but that worked out fine, no problems. Paulette is the "Princess and the Pea" when it comes to beds. She loved the bed wi... More »

    September 2016
  • My family rented Russ & Cheryl's RV for a weekend trip and were blown away by their incredible hospitality and the great condition of their beautiful RV. Everything inside the RV (beds, linens, towels, appliances, etc.) and out (chairs, grill, mat, e... More »

    May 2017



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Includes delivery/setup fee ($150.00)
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Avila Beach Drive, Avila Beach, California, United States.

Russ & Cheryl

Russ & Cheryl

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  • About : My wife and I are both from California
    and have lived in San Luis Obispo since
    '91 raising our two boys. Both finished
    with college, working and contributing
    to society, yesssss!!!! My wife and I
    come from the service industry, where we
    met in the early 80's. We enjoy
    food, wine, travel, sports, hiking,
    biking, golfing, camping and other
    outdoor activities. We especially love
    to entertain, share, and meet new people
    so sharing our RV with renters makes a
    lot of sense for us. We aim to
    provide the best experience possible for
    travelers. We keep our trailer very
    clean and we share all the stuff you'll
    need. You'll find a comfortable bed with
    clean sheets, a clean bathroom and a
    fully outfitted kitchen. We'll provide
    local information on what to see and do,
    where to eat, and how best to enjoy the
    central coast. Bienvenido!
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