RV Rentals – List Your RV for Rent

Cardinal Forest River RV parked at a campground

Booking season is just around the corner. In fact, it’s always booking season, but when the holidays are over, people are even more eager to plan their RV vacation. Time for you to list your RV for rent.

Already have your RV listed for rent? Then perhaps it’s time to prepare your RV rental business for the season and that means updating your website, as well as your listings advertised on listing sites such as RVPlusYou.

How to update your RV rental listings.

The top 2 updates get the max results: (Time required: 15 minutes or less)

  1. RV Rental set up at Ocean MesaPhotos – Take a look at your photos. Are these really what you think will help you get more interest and requests to book? If not, you better update. Why? Because your competition has already updated their photos to be high quality and relevant.
  2. Pricing – Are you competitive? If you’re charging more than a $500 security deposit for a delivered RV rental, you’re probably not getting many inquiries. Your competitors are booking them all. Why? When renters shop quotes, they factor deposits in their decision-making. Delivered RV rental deposits should be lower than driving RV rentals because of two factors:
    1. No damage – It’s very hard to cause damage when the renter never moves the RV.
    2. Protection Policy – RVPlusYou provides $5,000 in damage protection with no deductible.

So, keep your photos inspirational, high quality, and relevant. Also, keep your pricing competitive and deposits as low as possible. You’ll see a vast improvement next season.

Not listed yet on RVPlusYou? Time to diversify!

If you’re marketing your RV rentals all on your own, or you’re listed on Outdoorsy, RVShare, or one of the other websites, well then you should consider diversifying. Update your website, refresh your Google Ads, and put some effort into SEO and marketing. Update Facebook and look for platforms that line up with your goals.

We have a suggestion for all of the lone wolf rental companies out there with a solo website, or Facebook page: Add RVPlusYou as an additional source for finding  qualified RV renters.

Why RVPlusYou?

  1. Our fees are just 3%. Compare that to Outdoorsy or RVShare at around 25%. We charge just 8% – 17% guest fee to renters that we bring to you.
  2. Our focus is delivered RV rentals. If you like letting renters drive or tow your rig, no problem. Driving is allowed, but our renters tend to want it delivered; they don’t want to drive or tow. This means less damage and lower mileage on your RV rental inventory. You’ll love RVPlusYou.
  3. Protection – Our policy covers $5,000 in damage, and $300,000 in liability. Sure, not as much as the other guys, but we don’t charge for it either.
  4. Cost to list is free. That’s right, no cost to list, only 3% to book one of our renters, and we provide protection. Hmmm. What’s the catch? Good luck finding one because there is no “catch” to our offer. Just plain a plain old win/win formula.
  5. Support. Yes, we provide toll free, chat, and email customer support for renters and owners alike.  Wouldn’t you and your customers appreciate an RV rental OTA who actually has a toll free number?

Bottom line: Why not spend a few minutes listing with RVPlusYou, or updating your listing? If you’re not a member on our site, then give RVPlusYou a try. You have nothing to lose, and it just may be the best decision you’ll make this year; especially if you want to prepare for booking season, which is always just around the corner!