What if an RV Renter asks me to book off-line

You should advise and assist renters to book online and explain why it is in their interest to do so:

  • The cost to book through RVPlusYou is just 3% to RV owners
  • The cost to the RV renter is low as well, just 6% to 17% which covers the cost of the Rental Protection policy, as well as overhead, marketing, and software.

If an RV renter contacts you through the RVPlusYou platform and you book outside of the platform, you are in violation of our terms and conditions. RVPlusYou will charge you (RV owner) for the Guest Fees and remove you from the platform.

Remember, the safest rental transaction is when RVPlusYou handles the transaction for both parties. It is wise for both parties to conduct business on the RVPlusYou platform, where conversations are recorded and a qualified 3rd party is expediting the transaction for payments, deposits, and payouts.