What if I have to cancel my RV trip?

If you have to cancel your RV camping trip, please immediately notify the RV owner of the rental that you have booked. The cancellation policy that applies will vary by RV owner; strict, moderate, and flexible. Ask your RV owner about their policy. To initiate the cancellation, please login to your account and find your Read More

What is the Guest Fee?

The RVPlusYou Guest Fee, or sometimes referred to as a booking fee, is paid by the renter and is retained by RVPlusYou to help pay for software, advertising, support, and other overhead in involved in running the site. The rate is 8% to 17%, depending on the total cost of the RV Rental.

Can I use two credit cards to pay for one RV rental?

Yes. If your arrival date is more than 30 days out, you may book the first 50% of the total with one credit card, add a second payment method and pay for the second half of the rental with the added credit card. More information

Is the security deposit on my RV rental refundable?

Yes. RVPlusYou will only hold a token for the security deposit, not actual funds. This “hold” is refunded (within 72 hours after check out) if there is no claim by the RV owner. The hold will only be used in cases of damage, or where renter purchases extra nights or other items from RV owner. Read More

How much is due at the time I book my RV rental?

If your trip starts within 30 days from the day you book your trip, your credit card will be charged the total booking amount on the day you reserve your RV. If your trip starts more than 30 days after the day you book your trip, you will have the option of splitting your payment. Read More

What is a “Gold Host” on RVPlusYou?

A Gold Host is an RV owner or rental company in good standing with RVPlusYou, has booked more than two rentals, and has met all other minimum requirements The Gold Host Program was created to recognize those RV rental companies and individual owners (sometimes referred to as “Certified RV Owner”) who go above and beyond Read More