What is the check-in process for a delivered RV rental?

For guests:

  • Be sure you have communicated your reserved campsite number and/or details of the set up location in advance.
  • Work out delivery times and check in process details with your RV rental host prior to arrival
  • Be sure you understand how to operate the various features of the RV.
  • Understand that moving the RV is not allowed and will void the protection policy

For RV rental hosts:

  • Your check in process is largely defined by you. RVPlusYou make no restrictions or requirements on this private RV rental transaction. Make sure your process is communicated to your guest prior to check in
  • We recommend that you take video/photos of your RV after set up at the reserved location prior to guest check in. Note any existing damage in your video/photos and/or any known operational issues.
  • Make sure guests understand that moving your RV will void the protection policy that is included with your RV rental
  • Be sure to provide guests with instructions (both written and verbal) on how to operate your RV
  • Be sure to communicate to your guest what is expected of them on day of check out