Can I let the RV renter drive or tow my RV

Yes, you may let the RV renter book through the RVPlusYou platform and drive or tow your rental. It is your decision, however there are two issues to address:

  1. The RVPlusYou Rental Protection policy does not apply to moving RV rentals. Make sure to obtain a rider from the renter’s auto policy to cover your RV.
  2. The RVPlusYou terms and conditions apply to delivered RV rentals, not driving or towing rentals. Make sure to obtain a supplemental RV rental agreement that covers you for driving RV rentals.

Note: Most damage as well as excess miles on your RV will happen when you let others drive or tow. If you want to limit damage and maintain resell value, your focus should be on delivered RV rentals.