Step 3 – Activate your RV Listing

Your RV will NOT show up in search results until you “Activate” your listing. Follow the 3 steps below to finish your listing and activate:

  1. By clicking on “Continue” you must have accepted our Terms and Conditions to finish completing your RV rental listing. Click on “Complete Your RV Listing”Activate RV Message for RV Listing
  2. Before you can go live and activate your RV rental listing, you must enter an address and you must upload photos of your RV. The “Manage RV” tab to the left shows how many steps are left to complete before you can activate your listing. Note: This is only the minimum requirement. It is highly recommended that you navigate to the different RV listing functions and enter detailed information such as your Security Deposit, Amenities, Cancellation policy, Delivery fees, and other details. The more details you enter and the better your photos, the more likely you are to be successful. Use the Manage RV categories to the left in order to make sure you’ve completed your listing. 2 steps to go message-List your RV
  3. After uploading photos, entering your detailed pricing and terms, and your address and description, it’s time to activate. Click on the round button shown below to activate. The red “Hidden” slide will move to a green “Visible”. Your all set! Your RV will now show up in search results. We highly recommend that you read our How to Book guide so that you may assist your renters with the booking process.Manage RV Listing Page