Step 2 – Enter Information About Your RV

Make sure to choose a title that will be searched. Example: Most renters don’t search for the make or model of an RV to rent. They will typically search by keywords that include, “RV Rental” and “Location”; where they are or where they want to be. Also, be complete in your description: What should renters expect when they arrive? What condition is your RV? What sets you apart? (The more relevant and useful information you provide, the better your chances are of booking the rental request).RV Rental Listing Form

Note: You must enter an address. We tell renters that RV owners will generally deliver within a 60 mile radius. Make sure your address reflects the center of your radius. We suggest entering a popular campground or RV park near your location. You can always note your delivery area in your description. Helpful Tip: Try the ‘Pinpoint on a Map’ feature to set your location on the street near the campground. 
RV Listing Address form