How to Prevent Damage or Theft of Your RV While in Storage

RV Storage - Nipomo California

Want to minimize the risk of theft or damage to your RV while it’s being stored at a facility?

Here are 3 things to consider before storing your RV

  1.  Most storage facilities that take RV’s will have security cameras.
    • Make sure your storage spot is visible to the security cameras. Ask to see the monitor that covers your spot. If the spot they want to assign is easily accessed by the outside, or not covered by the cameras, ask for a visible location.
    • Make sure your hitch is locked, and/or doors on your RV are locked.
    • Remove valuable items, and lock storage bays.
  2.  Insurance is required at most storage facilities. If the facility does NOT require insurance, this should be a red flag.
    • Ask your insurance company if they cover theft. Get details on coverage amounts and damage. It happens, so know what the worst case scenario will be if damage happens.
    • Theft isn’t usually the big worry, it’s damage when moving the RV. These facilities offer tight spaces. Pulling in and out can cause damage by either you or your neighbor.
    • Many are near industrial areas which can attract transients who may try to take advantage. Again, security and video surveillance is critical.
  3.  Storage is expensive – Consider offsetting the cost of RV storage, maintenance, insurance, and repairs by renting out your RV.

In the end, you can never be 100% sure of theft prevention, you just do what you can to prevent, then insure the leftover risk.