Why do I need the RVPlusYou Protection Program

As a RVPlusYou member, your primary source of protection against damage or liability is your automobile insurance policy, especially when the RV is being transported. However, certain insurance policies can contain exclusions, i.e. situations in which the insurance company will not pay for a claim. It is not uncommon for automobile policies to expressly exclude coverage for losses arising out of rental activity, and the involvement of third parties.

The liability coverage on your rented recreational vehicle presently may not be sufficient to protect you, where your negligence has caused bodily injury to others or if you accidentally cause damage to another person’s property as a RVPlusYou recreational vehicle owner. Moreover, today, when multi-million dollar lawsuits are common, your automobile policy may provide substantial liability limits, but it may not be enough.

It is important to consult with your professional insurance advisers to ensure your policy will respond to losses associated with and arising out of your activities as a RVPlusYou recreational vehicle owner.

The RVPlusYou Protection Program can respond where automobile’ insurance does not. Whether the issue requires medical care or repair of property, you will typically have coverage up to the program limits. There are exclusions, such as expected or intended damages, abuse or molestation, liquor liability, etc., so it is important to fully understand the program details.