What are the RVPlusYou fees, what will I be paid?

RVPlusYou will process the rental transaction on behalf of the RV owner and charge 3% of the total rental fees charged by the RV owner.  Once the rental is complete, RVPlusYou releases the credit card deposit hold from the renter and pays the RV owner their portion of the rental fees (97%) within 72 hours.

Note: The 3% transaction fee charged to the RV owner is based on what the RV owner charges. In addition, RVPlusYou charges a guest booking fee of 8% to 17% to the renter.

On the day of check out, the RV Owner will receive an automated email asking about any issues or damage. Simply reply and let us know if there was no damage and funds can usually be released the same or next business day.

See Damage Policy if your RV incurred damage.