What is the check-in process for a delivered RV rental?

For guests: Be sure you have communicated your reserved campsite number and/or details of the set up location in advance. Work out delivery times and check in process details with your RV rental host prior to arrival Be sure you understand how to operate the various features of the RV. Understand that moving the RV Read More

What if I have to cancel my RV trip?

If you have to cancel your RV camping trip, please immediately notify the RV owner of the rental that you have booked. The cancellation policy that applies will vary by RV owner; strict, moderate, and flexible. Ask your RV owner about their policy. To initiate the cancellation, please login to your account and find your Read More

What is the Guest Fee?

The RVPlusYou Guest Fee, or sometimes referred to as a booking fee, is paid by the renter and is retained by RVPlusYou to help pay for software, advertising, support, and other overhead in involved in running the site. The rate is 8% to 17%, depending on the total cost of the RV Rental.

Who cleans the RV after an RV Rental

The RV Owner is responsible for sterilization, following CDC guidelines for sanitizing after use. The RV owner or rental company is also responsible for the quality and functionality of the RV that they are renting out to guests.

What is a Trust Platform

RVPlusYou is built on a trust platform, meaning that each party is verified by phone number, email, and social media (if available). Each party creates a profile that includes a full name, descriptive personal bio, and photos. We encourage users to get to know each other through our messaging system. Renters and RV owners are Read More

Why do I need RVPlusYou, why not just book direct with the RV owner?

RVPlusYou holds payment for the RV rental, thereby making sure that both parties get what they expect. Payment to the owner of the RV does NOT happen until after check out. Booking through RVPlusYou means a reliable RV rental is delivered when it’s supposed to be, and payment for services is paid on time to Read More

What if I have a dispute with the RV owner

Always communicate with the owner first. RVPlusYou facilitates the payment transaction, but the rental agreement is between you and the RV owner. Most issues can be resolved easily with cordial communication. If resolution cannot be found, call RVPlusYou at 800-977-5444 , or email at support@RVPlusYou.com and we will mediate any disputes between the RV owner and Read More

Is there a security deposit due with my rental

No. RVPlusYou does NOT collect a deposit from renters. However, RV owners set the amount of the “security deposit hold” which is a credit card token held by RVPlusYou. If there is no damage to the unit at the conclusion of the rental period, the deposit “hold” is released. The RV owner will notify the Read More