5 Tips to Trouble-Free RV Camping

How can you make RV camping trouble free?

For the novice or first time RV’er: Follow these 5 quick tips for less stressful RV camping.

Yellow Jacket RV Park Campsite #4 looking at RiverThe great outdoors brings up visions of blissful play and amazing landscapes. As anyone who has ever tried to get outside and “go camping” knows, reality sometimes does not meet expectations. Sometimes the ideal vision ends up a bit more stressful.

The good news is that the more you plan and prepare, the more ideal your trip’s vision becomes. The more you research and think through your trip in advance the better your chances for a successful RV camping experience.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you get outside and camp without the hassle.

1. Renting Can Make it Easier

If the outdoors are your target, then getting ‘out there’ generally involves a few sleeping options. From sleeping on good ole terra firma to lounging in luxury in a fully apportioned RV.  The choices are endless and can have a direct impact on the quality of your experience.

Whatever you choose, there are a number of rental options available. There are even companies that rent out top rated tent camping gear including sleeping bags, stoves, and utensils! In addition you can rent fully stocked RVs with camping equipment that will be delivered and set up at your camping destination!

2. Plan, plan, plan and then let it roll

Unlike the swanky hotel in mid-town or the luxury loft in Tahoe, getting into the real RV with scenic backgroundoutdoors does take some extra planning. There is no concierge or room service in the woods! Making sure to plan ahead on what and where you will eat, making sure you (and the family) have clothes for warm days and cool nights, and making reservations in advance for popular destinations all combine to ensure you have a fun time. Consult this checklist to be sure you’ve covered your bases. With the initial planning out of the way, it is also important to step back and enjoy the moment once you arrive.

3. Budget for the unexpected

Even with some good planning, unexpected situations still arise. It is always smart to have a stash of extra cash on hand for these unexpected emergencies. When at the whim of mother nature, you may find yourself needing some extra gear, food or supplies. When you go off the grid, finding deals on Amazon (and getting it delivered same day) are no longer an option; rustic stores tend to be a bit pricier and offer less options. Be ready with some extra money set aside for these cases.

4. Skip social media

What do you care more about… enjoying your time away or trying to frame that perfect amazing picture to share with total strangers? The rise of social media has created a wave of social lemmings spending their vacation days posing, preening and pining for that perfect “wow” pic to share with their followers. If you really want to enjoy the journey ditch the social media and ENJOY THE DESTINATION!

5. Think outside the box

Remote campsiteYour uncle’s friend’s cousin told you about “the” place to stay in Moab. You have to get reservations 6 months in advance and the place is always full. This story resonates with all the major destinations. Not getting into “the” campground is often the one aspect that derails a great trip. When getting outdoors, let us tell you there, is no “the place” anywhere. If you are open to an experience and not fixated on one specific destination, you may discover that an awe inspiring adventure awaits. When planning your trip, try to think a bit outside the box.

If your goal is to stay in Yellowstone, maybe you can open your horizons a bit and stay just outside Yellowstone in a forest service campground. Instead of sleeping 10 feet from neighbors, you can sleep miles from anyone and adjacent to a roaring creek. Bear Creek, for example, offers this kind of experience.

RVPlusYou is here to help you enjoy the great outdoors with trouble-free camping options. Search our directory for a list of great RV camping options offered by local RV owners willing to share, deliver, and set up their RVs at your prime destination.