RV Organization Tips

a row of RVs parked next to trees

RVs don’t offer much in the way of storage space. Creativity is the key to keeping your RV organized, which helps reduce stress levels on your vacation.. There are many innovative ways to maximize space in your RV.  If you are someone who rents out your RV, your renters are sure to appreciate it if you include some organization hacks.  RVPlusYou offers RV rentals in many locations, such as in San Luis Obispo.

Here are the top tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the space you have available:

Storage Containers

pantry filled with storage containers in an RV

Storage containers help you save space in your RV. Using containers that stack together allows you to fit as much as possible in your cabinets.

Over-The-Cabinet-Door Trash Can

Hanging your trash can over the door of a cabinet is a great space-saving hack.

Put in shelves

set of three hanging shelves

Shelves will maximize the amount of space you have for storing dishes.

Broom holders for flashlights

Attaching a broom holder to the wall is a convenient way to store your flashlight.

Spice racks

spice rack filled with spices

A spice rack is the best way to store your spices for easy access.

Hanging Organizers

With so little closet space, you may find yourself wondering how you’re going to store the clothes you need for your trip. Putting hanging shelves in your RV’s closets are an easy way to increase your closets’ capacity.

A catch-all

A designated place for random items helps reduce clutter.

Under-Bed Storage

storage space underneath a bed

Make use of storage containers wherever you can. Put them under your bed and under any other furniture where it will fit.

Hanging Containers in the Bathroom

RV bathrooms are very small. Putting hanging containers over a towel rack is a great way to save space. This way, everyone can have access to the things they need.

Hanging Rack For Utensils.

hanging rack for utensils

Hanging up larger utensils, like ladles and spatulas helps save room in your drawers for smaller items.

Although keeping your RV organized is challenging, it is not impossible. Implementing these ideas will help make sure that your RV remains tidy, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip.