RV Vacation Rental Management Program

RV Rental Business Opportunity

Do you own an RV? Are you looking to build a business in your market? RVPlusYou has an RV vacation rental business opportunity that you should take a look at. No selling required, and if you own an RV, you’re already qualified to begin.

For RV owners who don’t have time to manage the delivered RV rental process, RVPlusYou has created a unique program designed to take all of the work and stress off of the RV owner, while creating a unique franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Where available, our local RV Vacation Rental Manager will contract directly with RV owners, to rent out RV’s and generate extra income from this otherwise idle asset. Every aspect of the process is covered with a safe and turn-key rental process: No driving or towing by renters. No excess miles added to the coach. This limits damage and increases resell value of your RV.

As an RV Rental Manager (RVRM) you will be managing available inventory in your protected market area. You will obtain targeted inventory from storage locations, repair facilities, RV dealers, as well as through other means.

RVPlusYou will refer RV’s to you for consignment consideration. The RVRM will contract directly with the RV owner, to rent out their RV. Owners have a viable choice allowing them to earn extra income from their RV while minimizing risk.

What is the revenue per rental?  The specific amount agreed upon is between you the RVRM and the RVO. Our RV Rental Channel partners will help you with this calculation, but the typical earnings for a 5-night delivered RV rental are below:

  • $145/night on average – Newer 26′ coach, sleeps 4-6
  • $150 delivery/set up/pick up fees
  • $50 cleaning fee
  • 5-night minimum

What is the RV Rental Manager Responsible for? 

There are three main responsibilities for the RVRM:

  1. Acquiring/Managing RV inventory – Friends, family, local RV storage facilities, RV repair shops, and other sources provide the inventory. You simply work through the process of consigning the unit into “your fleet”.
  2. Check in – Check out process – Your renters will need to be checked in and checked out. Part of the check out process is scheduling the cleaning, repairs, and maintenance to prepare for the next check in.
  3. Delivery/Set up/Pick Up – You’ll be delivering and setting up RV’s for those people who don’t want to, or can’t,  drive or tow the RV. Delivery and set up will be to locations near you; local campgrounds, events, weddings, and private homes.

What is RVPlusYou responsible for?

RVPlusYou has a network of channel partners who help you manage the RV rental process. Via this network of channel partners, we’ll set you up and show you how to manage your new business from A-Z. A turn-key operation will be laid out. The following responsibilities fall on us and our channel partners:

  1. Listing RV’s – RVPlusYou, or our partner, will help you get listings set up for each rental in your fleet.
  2. Booking and reservations – We do the marketing and advertising to find RV renters
  3. Scheduling – Our partners will schedule the rentals, deliveries, and returns.
  4. Customer Support – Teamwork: RVPlusYou, our Channel Partner, and you will provide top-notch customer support from A-Z.

What does this mean for RV owners?

By working with you and RVPlusYou, RV owners can rest assured that they’ll have income flowing from their idle asset. We do everything we can to market your RV and keep it working.

PEACE OF MIND – Because every booking happens on the RVPlusYou platform, you will have visibility into every aspect of every rental. AND, your RV is protected by our industry-leading Property Protection Plus program with up to $5,000 in damage protection and $300,000 in liability coverage.

Next Steps

If you’re an RV Owner and want to start earning extra income from your RV, contact us, we can get you started right away with a qualified RV Rental Manager. Why let your RV deteriorate any longer?

If you’re a self-starter, an entrepreneur, take the next step and begin working with our turn-key process. You can follow the next steps in order to begin obtaining inventory and managing the delivered RV rental process for RV Owners.

  1. Contact us – If qualified, you will have a protected territory with all rental leads from your territory flowing directly to you.
  2. Once approved, you will be registered with an approved RVPlusYou channel partner who will get you started: Training, forms, etc. Everything you need to get started.
  3. Find inventory – In essence, you are building inventory of RV rentals, a fleet, assets that you can offer for rent to others. It’s not much different than a hotelier building a hotel and renting rooms. But in this case, the “room inventory” is not owned by you, it’s owned by others who don’t have time to do the work. Ideas:
    • RV Storage locations – Most RV’s sit idle 86% of the year. The cost to store and maintain the RV is high so most RV owners are motivated. Approximately 10% of all RV owners will want to join this program. One RV storage location alone can provide enough inventory for the entire geographic market. Contact he RV Storage location and pitch the idea. Ask to send out a newsletter or post an offer to the RV owners.
    • RV dealers and repair shops – Talk to the locals in the industry who know the market. Chances are they just had a conversation with an RV owner tired of the expenses. You have the solution.
    • Online – Nothing is keeping you from contacting RV owners who are selling their RV on EBay, Craigslist, or RVTrader. Why not rent it out while it’s for sale? In most cases, RV Owners can earn more by renting for 2 years than what the RV is worth.
  4. Prep to list your inventory on RVPlusYou.com – Obtain quality photos and list your inventory according to our Playbook.

Most franchise opportunities offering much less in the form of “opportunity” require much more in terms of upfront cash investments. RVPlusYou is offering a low cost franchise opportunity because we’re growing too. Our concept is new, and we’re looking to build this process around star business minded people.

Don’t let your RV, or your neighbors RV, sit and rot. All recreational vehicles need to be used, or they will deteriorate fast. By using your RV on a regular basis you keep it clean, maintained and ready for your next vacation. While it’s not in use, it’s earning you extra income to cover maintenance, storage, insurance, and other expenses.

Whether you’re an RV Owner looking to earn some extra cash to offset the cost of your RV and start a small business, or you’re looking to grow a substantial high income earning business in your market, we’re looking for the right partners to help us expand.

Whether you’re an RV owner looking to earn from your RV, or you’re looking for a business opportunity, contact us to see if our goals fit with your goals.