RV Rental Cost Comparison with Outdoorsy and RV Share

RV Rental Cost Comparisons for RV Owners and RV Renters to Consider Before Renting an RV

When it comes to renting an RV, the big question is how much will it cost? When it comes to RV owners renting out their RV, they have the same question: How much will it cost me to list and rent out my RV?

All peer to peer platforms such as RV Share and Outdoorsy have fees. RVPlusYou has fees as well. Fees allow us to provide valuable software, marketing, and customer service to both renters and RV owners. 

Can RV renters and RV owners both save money by using RVPlusYou?

Yes. It turns out that delivered RV rentals (as opposed to driving rentals) that are booked on RVPlusYou can save RV renters as much as 50%, or up to $60 per day! RV owners can save as much as 88%! Why? How can RVPlusYou be so much less? There are two primary reasons for this savings:

  1. RVPlusYou was designed specifically for delivered RV rentals. Our insurance was designed for delivered RV rentals only. RVPlusYou guest fees don’t apply to, or cover, driving RV rentals which has a huge amount of risk. Driving involves novice RV renters driving big heavy “homes on wheels” down crowded highways. Driving rentals involve backing up, taking corners, dodging trees. None of that hassle or expense is part of the RVPlusYou rental process.
  2. Our fees to RV owners is just 3%, period! We return 97% of what RV owners charge. The RV owner (Host Fee) simply covers our credit card processing fees. We make money by charging renters for the booking, not owners. We then cover the renters with appropriate risk levels of liability and damage protection using those fees. We don’t charge renters extra for insurance. We don’t charge renters for what they don’t need or use. Both RV Share and Outdoorsy charge renters for this insurance.

Summary: Cost differences between RV rental platforms

  1. Commission Cost (Fees) – Overall, the combined platform fees are as much as 50% less on RVPlusYou. This is compared to Outdoorsy or RV Share.  Platform fees charged to RV owners are as much as 88% less on RVPlusYou compared to Outdoorsy or RV Share.
  2. Insurance Cost (Additional) – The cost to insure a $150/night Class C motorhome rental that is driven by the RV renter adds as much as 20% – 40% to the nightly rental price!
  3. RV Rental Listing Cost (Free) – All 3 platforms do not charge for using their software, or listing your RV for rent.

The bottom line:

If you’re looking for a road trip RV vacation, there is no way around the higher cost of a driven RV rental. Renters and owners must realize that the liability and damage is just too important and relevant in the RV rental business.

If you’re looking to join friends for a camping trip at a campground destination, or you need accommodations for a wedding, reunion, or event, then a delivered RV rental is a great choice. You can save a lot of time, money, and hassle. No RV learning curve, no time spent on insurance rental forms, and easier booking process.

If you’re an RV owner who wants to offset the cost of ownership, then delivered RV trailer rentals can be a great niche market to consider. No insurance hassle. No VIN tracking. Easier check in and out process. And much less cost to market your RV rental.

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