RV Renter and New RV Owner Online Training Program

Free Online Training from RV Education 101

Perfect for New RV Owners, RV Rental Managers, and RV Renters ($39 Value!) – Training by Mark Polk: RV Education 101

Who is RVPlusYou?

The cornerstone of the RVPlusYou business model is RV rentals by owner, delivered and set up at the renter’s destination. This is our product; it’s the service that we offer to our customers. RV renters get to avoid the hassle of driving or towing, while RV owners offset ownership costs with little to no damage to their rigs.  Our RV rental inventory is provided by knowledgeable RV owners who set up and make the RV ready upon arrival.

Who is RV Education 101 and what is this training all about?

The RV Education 101 RV online training walks renters step-by-step through how to use the RV, the RV’s accessories, and RV safety features. This makes RV renters better informed and ready for their rental experience.

Erik Abbott RV Rental Business OwnerThe training program is great for new RV owners too. In this course, RV owners get additional instruction on how to use the RV and how to set the RV up at the campground. These are all important skills and knowledge that RV dealers do NOT provide.

We are including RV driving and towing segments in the training program as a bonus feature. Regardless of what type of RV you are renting (motorized or towable) this RV rental training includes helpful videos on RV driving and towing techniques that will boost your confidence and make you a better vehicle operator. The videos include RV Mirrors, Tail Swing, Pivot Point, Reference Points and Set-Up for a Maneuver.

This RV 101 video training program can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. Sit back, relax and go through the RV Rental Program at your own pace.

Why is RVPlusYou offering this program?

  • Delivered RV rentals are safer for renters and for everyone else on the road. That said, renters still need to know how to use the RV features and components.
  • New RV owners need training and dealers generally don’t provide this service.
  • Our turn-key RV rental approach is nearly damage-free! We want RV owners, RV dealers, RV rental companies, and RV renters to know about our product.

RVPlusYou offers a more sustainable and convenient way to own and rent an RV. Renters and owners are essentially sharing the high cost of ownership, making it easier and more affordable to own and rent. This makes the entire process much more palatable for both parties. RVPlusYou simply expedites a safe transaction between two private parties. 

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Because most RV renters are novices, operating the components of an RV can feel daunting and intimidating for renters. It’s also time-consuming for RV owners and rental managers to have to answer a lot of questions during the rental period and when it’s time to do the walk-through.

This is one more reason why we’ve partnered with RV Education 101, to offer high-quality RV training for new RV owners,  veteran RV owners, and RV rental companies. The RV training program is our way of providing valuable information to the RV community, while exposing the industry to our safe, turn-key peer to peer delivered RV rental system.

How do I apply for this free training? 

RV’s sit idle 86% of the time, many in storage areas like this one
  • Step one: RV owners ,RV renters, and RV rental managers can apply for the RV rental program using the form below.
  • Step two: RVPlusYou will award up to 10 monthly winners with a free RV Education 101 “scholarship.” Then, we will notify winners by email within 30 days of the end of the month.
  • Step three: We will email a coupon redemption code to each winner who can then go online and redeem their training or share it with their renters in preparation for an upcoming stay in their RV.

That’s it! Our partnership with RV Education 101 is simply our way of giving back to the RV camping community as a whole, making it more enjoyable, and safer for everyone. We’ve created a win/win scenario by introducing and exposing more RV owners to professional training and our concept of “safe RV rentals.”

Scholarship Application

Fill out the form below. We will contact the winners within 30 days of end of application month.

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