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What is the average cost to rent an RV?

The average cost to rent any RV will always depend on how old the RV is, what amenities are included, and in the case of delivery, the distance that the RV owner must travel in order to set up and pick up after the rental.

If you’re looking for an RV rental to be delivered and set up for you, RVPlusYou is a good choice. Over half of the RV owners on our site do NOT let you drive or tow. Because our RV rentals are for rent by owner, you will likely find an RV rental that will fit your budget. Recreational Vehicles for rent by owner are generally less expensive than RV Rentals from the big corporate nationwide RV rental companies.

The average cost of an RV rental through our website is approximately $150 per night (average cost on RVPlusYou)

  • Nightly Cost – 
    • Low – $85/night – Many smaller travel trailers fall in to this price range and sleep just 4 people
    • High – $300/night – Most larger Class A motor homes and 5th wheels fall into this category
    • Average – $150 per night is where most of the owners set their nightly price and this would be for a 25′ to 30′ travel trailer that sleeps 8.
  • Amenities – Expect one bedroom with a queen bed, one sofa bed and one dinette. Some RV’s will have a separate room with bunks for the kids. All include a kitchen, bathroom with shower, and usually at least one TV.
  • Delivery – The delivery, setup, and pick up cost is approximately $150, although each RV owner sets their own pricing. Many RV owners will charge an additional mileage fee for distances outside of their delivery area.
  • Additional – Many RV owners will charge for cleaning – up to $100-$150.
    • Hot Tip: Ask if you can clean it yourself and save the fee.

RV Rentals Already Set Up

RVPlusYou provides novice to expert campers with comfort and convenience. Owning an RV is expensive, and RVs are not easy to drive or tow. The RV owners listed on our site will deliver your RV rental to the location you choose. This means that the RV is already set up and waiting for you when you arrive.

Examples of experiences that benefit from a delivered RV rental include camping, music festivals, sporting events, weddings, or simply extra space for family reunions at your home. Once you know where you are going, you can figure out what type of RV will you need: A large 5th wheel, a motorhome, a small travel trailer, or maybe just a pop-up trailer? RVPlusYou has all kinds of RV rentals at various prices and with different amenities.

We were the first RV rental company dedicated to ‘delivered RV rentals’ and we have years of experience and options to help you make a great decision. All of the rentals booked on RVPlusYou include our rental protection, which is for damage and liability.

Click the button above to check out our deals. Enter your destination to find a list of rentals. Click on the one you like, enter dates and then click “Check Availability” to receive a precise rate quote for your RV rental. Call or chat if you have questions!

  • Campgrounds – Delivering and setting up a recreational vehicle at a campsite isn’t easy. Backing up, leveling, sewer and electrical hookups, etc. are tedious parts of the set-up process. All quotes include delivery and set-up. Having the RV owner do this part for you removes the hassle from your vacation. The cost is  typically extremely reasonable, ultimately saving you time and money. This allows you to get the most out of your camping experience.
  • Events, Weddings, Reunions – Events such as concerts, weddings, or sporting events are chaotic, and a delivered RV is the perfect solution. Having your accommodations ready and in place will create a pleasant and comfortable home base for guests and family. Note that most RV owners have a minimum day rental requirement since the RV owner must drive to and from your event destination twice. They usually offset the true cost of fuel and time to set up with the rental fees. So consider this when planning your event. A   one-night event may require 3 nights of rental, or one night of rental cost, but a higher delivery/set-up/pick-up cost.

Comfort, convenience and great pricing for RV rentals

Our industry-proven, turn-key approach to RV rentals is catching on! People of all ages are now able to camp in comfort due to our unique RV rental concept. Camping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Imagine showing up to your reserved campsite and having all the amenities of home right there at your location waiting for you, ready when you arrive.

RV owners offering great prices and great service

Storage, maintenance, insurance, repairs, and other upkeep take a toll, and RV owners are looking to offset the huge cost of owning an RV. They don’t have the overhead that large corporate RV rental companies do. As a result, you will find that RV rental pricing at RVPlusYou are much lower than at the large RV rental companies.

In addition, most RV owners will share their camping gear with you. They don’t want to take it out of the RV, so camping chairs, outdoor patio mats, BBQs, utensils, cooking supplies and other kitchen essentials are usually there for you to enjoy.

Contact an RV owner via their RV rental listing and ask about amenities, delivery area, and pricing. Enter your dates and you will receive an instant detailed quote so you know exactly what you will pay. Click on the “Check Availability” button to begin the price quote and rental booking process.

Want to know more about how to reserve an RV rental? Click here for more information.