How to get a good deal when renting an RV

When looking to rent an RV there are a few tricks or hacks you can use to save significant money. First off when renting a RV it helps to have a little bit of knowledge about the industry. The RV rental market is control by a few large companies. Much like Hertz or Enterprise in the rental car business these companies own thousands of RVs custom made for RV renters. The problem more for you than for them is that during the peak camping months their entire inventory is booked for RV rentals.

This demand and supply problem allows these large companies to set the rental rates at extremely high amounts. If you have been pricing RV rentals you know that a 10-day trip costs upwards of several thousand dollars just in fees to rent a RV and that doesn’t even include potential overages on mileage insurance and fuel costs. To save some serious money consider renting a RV during the off-season when you have more options and power over the price.

Another way to save money and find a good deal on RV rentals is to start looking at the growing trend of individuals renting out their own RV. Much like what AirBnB has done for home rentals companies like have created an easy and safe way for you to rent a private RV from the owner. More often than not you are able to get a much nicer RV to rent at or below the comparable big brand RV rates.

Finally a great way to save serious money while renting out a RV is to take a good hard look at what you are trying to accomplish by renting the RV. Many RV renters only stay at one or two campgrounds during their trip using the RV as a “cabin” versus a travel tool. This is where AirBnB sometimes comes in to play and the debate ensues as to what to use. Renting a private RV already setup and ready to go in a campground can be a cost effective way to enjoy the outdoors and save even more than you can over a AirBnB rental.

Taking the time to shop around and look at your various RV rental options can help to save serious money when renting out your next RV.