How to get a good deal when renting an RV

Get a deal on an RV Rental!

When looking to rent an RV, there are a few tricks or hacks you can use to save significant money.

First off, when renting an RV it helps to have a little bit of knowledge about the industry. There are a few large companies that control the RV rental market. Much like Hertz or Enterprise in the rental car business, these companies own thousands of RVs custom made for RV renters. The problem for you is that during the peak camping months, their entire inventory of RVs is booked.

This supply and demand problem allows these large companies to set extremely high rental rates with very few amenities. If you have been pricing RV rentals you know that a 10-day trip costs upwards of several thousand dollars just in fees to rent an RV. And that doesn’t even include potential overages on mileage insurance and fuel costs.

Peer to peer: Private RV rentals

To save some money consider renting an RV from a private party on a “peer to peer” RV vacation renal platform. RV rental platforms, such as RVPlusYou, allow you to safely rent from your neighbor! Here are the benefits:

  1. Less cost because you’re not renting from a large corporation with high overhead
  2. Less hassle because RVPlusYou includes a protection policy; Damage and Liability. As long as your RV rental is delivered by the owner and rented through their platform, you’re covered.
  3. More benefits such as camp chairs, dishes, towels, and other essentials

Off-Season RV Rentals

Rent an RV during the off-season. This way, you have more options and power over the price. Almost all RV rentals will be discounted in off-season. Consider taking a trip when the kids are back in school.

Save money: Rent a Delivered RV

Another way to save money and find a good deal on RV rentals is to consider what you’re trying to accomplish. Many RV renters only stay at one campground during their trip. Essentially, they are using the RV as a “cabin” versus a travel tool for a road trip.

Save money by having the RV delivered and set up for you. Here is what you save:

  • Insurance – RV rental insurance is very expensive, as high as $75/day. Why? Because a novice renter is driving a big box down crowded roads. This is where accidents happen. With a delivered RV rental, your policy is included.
  • Mileage – It’s expensive to maintain an RV. Most RV rental companies will charge a mileage fee on top of your nightly rental fee. Not so with delivered rentals. You pay a set delivery fee for your destination which includes set up, tank dump, and pick up.
  • Fuel – Most RV’s, whether towed or driven, will cause you to double your fuel cost. Consider fuel at $3.00 per gallon. Double this cost vs. driving your own vehicle.
  • Vacation Rental vs. Delivered RV Rental – The debate ensues as to whether to rent an RV or book an Airbnb. Overall, the delivered RV rental option allows you to save even more than you can with an Airbnb rental, plus you get to be where the action is; at the campground! Renting a private RV delivered and set up at a campground is a cost-effective way to enjoy the outdoors.

Spending time shopping around and considering your various options can help you save money on your next RV rental. Consider having it delivered and save the hassle, expense, and risks of driving a huge box down crowded roads!