RV Rental Trailer Deliver-Drop Off – How Does it Work?

When it comes to delivered RV rentals, RVPlusYou is the best source for a hassle free camping experience. Here is how it works

RV parked next to green camp chairs

How a peer to peer RV rental website works for delivered trailer drops

  1. Renter’s shop online for an RV listed by a private RV owner. Reservations for the campsite are made in advance. Or, the location of where the RV rental will be set up on private property is determined. Renter can then book and reserve the RV rental.
  2. Renter and RV owner determine date and time of delivery/set up, usually the check in time allowed by the campground or RV park. The check in process is usually dependent upon the RV owner’s guidelines and instructions. Included amenities such as kitchen essentials, linens, camp chairs, and other items are determined so that renter knows what to bring for their stay.
  3. RV renter drives their own vehicle to the destination, check’s in to their reserved campsite, then goes through check in process with the delivery person, or RV owner. Check out process is determined by the RV owner and communicated between the two parties directly.

Campground Reservations

Before booking your RV rental, your first order of business should be deciding where to go. Once a destination is determined, it’s important to note the size of the RV or trailer needed. Will a 30′ trailer fit in the space you’ve reserved? Reserve your campsite knowing what you plan to have delivered.

If you’ve already determined your destination and reserved your spot, you can move forward and secure your RV rental. Make sure to communicate all details to the RV owner. Details such as size of campsite, type of hook ups, rules of the campground, and campground check in times are important information that helps RV owners determine whether or not they can accept your reservation request.

RV Rental Reservations

A peer to peer website is responsible for the private RV rental transaction between the two parties; renter and owner. By using a peer to peer website such as RVPlusYou, both parties insure that they will get what they expect: RV owners want to be paid on time, and RV renters want to make sure they get the RV that they reserved, when they expect it.

Another important aspect is insurance: What happens if damage occurs, or someone is injured by the RV rental? For it’s part, RVPlusYou provides an RV rental Protection Plan. This plan provides damage and liability protection for both private parties and is included with the platform service fees.

After the stay

Both parties will be encouraged to review the other party. By sharing their opinions about their overall experience, they help the community at large. Future renters can better judge the prospective RV owner/rental through comments made by those who have rented prior.

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