Step 4 – Pay for your RV Rental

Only after the RV owner has approved your request can you book your RV rental. Make sure you “request to book”.  Note: RV owners also have the option to send a custom quote for a special offer. See payment policy for details. Important: Once the RV owner accepts your request to book their RV, or Read More

Step 3 – Contact Multiple RV Owners – Ask Questions

The best way to find the right RV for you and your family, is to ask questions of multiple RV owners. Remember: It doesn’t obligate you to “Check Availability” and ask questions. If the RV listing doesn’t provide the necessary information or photos that help you make a decision, just ask: “Will you please upload Read More

Step 2 – Sign Up and then Contact the RV Owner

Once you find an RV rental that works for you, contact the owner and check availability. First you must sign up and become a member. It’s free and easy to do. After you complete your profile, you may contact the RV owner and ask questions: Click on “Check Availability” and follow the instructions.

Step 1 – Search RV Rentals Near your Destination

Enter your destination: Where you want the RV delivered; you will be sent to a search results page listing all RV rentals that deliver to that destination. In most cases, this is a campground where you have reservations, or an event, a private home, or work site. Most RV owners will deliver within 60 to Read More