Can I use two credit cards to pay for one RV rental?

Yes. If your arrival date is more than 30 days out, you may book the first 50% of the total with one credit card, add a second payment method and pay for the second half of the rental with the added credit card. More information

Is the security deposit on my RV rental refundable?

Yes. RVPlusYou will only hold a token for the security deposit, not actual funds. This “hold” is refunded (within 72 hours after check out) if there is no claim by the RV owner. The hold will only be used in cases of damage, or where renter purchases extra nights or other items from RV owner. Read More

How much is due at the time I book my RV rental?

If your trip starts within 30 days from the day you book your trip, your credit card will be charged the total booking amount on the day you reserve your RV. If your trip starts more than 30 days after the day you book your trip, you will have the option of splitting your payment. Read More

How does the payment process work and what are the payment options

The RV owner must accept your reservation request for the dates and pricing you have agreed to in order for you to see the “Book It” button where you can pay. You must click on the shopping cart to pay and confirm your reservation. Accepted payments include Visa, MasterCard and American Express which is process Read More