Renting Out Your RV – The Damage Myth

How many RV owners want to rent out their RV? According to surveys, 90% of motorhome and camper trailer owners would not rent out their RV, 10% say yes

RVPlusYou conducted a survey of 200 random RV owners early in our startup phase which revealed that 90% of registered RV owners in North America would not rent out their RV. 10% of RV owners would rent out their RV to earn extra income and offset costs of ownership. What are the reasons why some owners would allow renters, and some not?

The top two reasons why RV owners don’t want to share (rent out) their RV relates to damage and excessive miles. The third most popular reason is the idea that someone else will be sleeping in their bed. Let’s take a closer look at these reasons.

Damage from peer to peer RV rentals

Most damage happens when the RV is moving. In fact, most RV rental company owners we talked to said that close to 99% of damage occurs when the RV is being moved by renters. This makes sense; it’s big, hard to back up, take corners, and fit under trees. Let’s face it, those campsites are small!

Excessive miles due to peer to peer RV rentals

Another reason that RV owners cited is excessive mileage. If you hand your keys to a renter, you’re going to rack up a few extra miles. If you repeat this transaction several times a year, your RV will be a “high-mileage” vehicle when it comes time to sell. Will this affect value? Probably.

“I don’t want anyone else sleeping in my bed” – A popular sentiment against sharing

This excuse to not rent (share) because you don’t want someone else in your bed doesn’t hold up well. Why? Because most people who cite this excuse have stayed in a hotel, motel, or vacation rental in the past. Who slept their before you?

The Peer to Peer RV Rental Dilemma – To Share, or not to Share

There are over 10 million registered RV’s in North America. 90% don’t want to share, and it appears that there are enough good reasons for 90% of all RV owners to abstain from renting out. Damage, Excessive miles, and strangers in your bed. That’s enough to stop most rational RV owners. However, we make the argument that all RV owners should consider starting an RV rental business.

How does the RVPlusYou RV rental system avoid this dilemma?

  1. Delivered RV Rentals – RVPlusYou promotes ‘delivered RV rentals’. Renters never drive or tow your rig. RV owners, or RV rental managers, deliver the RV at the destination; where the renter wants to camp or enjoy a wedding, reunion, or music festival. No driving = No damage.

  2. Excessive mileage – Simple: No driving = fewer miles driven.

  3. Stranger in my bed – For this we can’t help you. If you simply don’t like sleeping in strange beds, hotel or otherwise, then having a stranger in your RV bed isn’t going to work either. Don’t do it.


Most RV’s don’t last forever and if you rent yours out, you can bet it’s going to experience more visible wear than if it sits idle. However, this too can be deceiving because RV’s like to be used. Plumbing, awnings, air conditioning, wheels, refrigerators, and other parts and components that you don’t see make up the entire RV. This invisible system will deteriorate at a much faster rate if it’s not being used on a regular basis.

Using your RV, whether it’s for a rental, or your family is a good way to keep your RV ready to go; well maintained, repaired, cleaned, and available to use spontaneously. Let’s face it, the annual trip requires a lot of preparations to get that rig ready when it’s been sitting all year. However, if it’s been “out there”, it’s ready on the fly.

Keeping your RV active, means keeping it working and keeping it working means it’s earning it’s keep. Use that extra income to pay for maintenance and expenses, or use it for your next vacation. What would an extra $6,000 per year mean to you and your family?

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