Truck Haven Rocks Campground – Salton City


Google Map Truck HavenTruck Haven Rocks Campground is part of a huge area of Ocotillo Wells SRVA managed by BLM. It’s open land that is available for free, or dispersed camping. Some call this “boondocking”  but whatever the term, this is a great riding area near the Salton Sea. BLM allows OHV riding for 4×4 vehicles, motorcycles, and side by side  vehicles. It’s the perfect place to escape the city and get out to explore, whether it’s hiking on foot or hitting the many trails via OHV.

Three Common Questions About Camping at Truck Haven

    1. Can you join friends and family on a camping trip to the desert to go motorcycle riding or exploring in a jeep?
    2. Can you have an RV delivered to your campsite if it’s not a reserved designated camping area?
    3. How does the RV rental find my campsite and know where to meet?
RV Campground in the desert
Campsite near Truck Haven Rock Campground

Yes, you can have an RV delivered to the desert on BLM land. It’s dry camping and you generally need a self-contained RV to camp comfortably and be sheltered from the intense weather. Learn more about boondocking here.

RVPlusYou has RV owners in the area that will deliver, set up, and then pick up the RV after your trip. Once the RV is booked, the RV owner will contact you via phone, text, and email to coordinate meet times. Usually a pinpoint on a Google map is provided and the RV rental driver will contact the guest as they get close to the destination. It’s actually quite easy and has worked well for hundreds of rentals to the desert.

If you would like an RV rental delivered to your campsite, simply click the orange button to search RV rental options.

Truck Haven Rock Campground

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Coachella Valley BLM

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