Best Questions to Ask When Renting an RV

RV rental delivered to campsite for family RV camping trip

Asking the right questions before renting an RV, whether from a private owner or an RV rental company, ensures the best chances for a trouble-free and surprise-free vacation.

That said, you might not know what kinds of questions to ask when renting an RV. This is why we have comprised this list of questions, broken down into categories, to give you some ideas of the types of questions you’ll want to ask. For example, make sure to ask the owner what amenities and features the RV includes. This way you know what the RV already has and what you have to bring for yourself. Here are some more examples of important questions to ask before taking a vacation in an RV rental.


  • How many beds are there, and what size are the beds? If there are fold-out beds, will they fit adults or just kids?
  • Does the RV come with bed linens, towels, and pillows?
  • Does the owner allow pets?


  • Is the kitchen stocked with essentials like plates, pots, pans, and utensils?
  • Does the owner provide food staples, such as coffee/spices/cooking oil, etc.?
  • What kitchen appliances does the RV come with?
  • Is there a coffee maker?


  • Does the owner supply propane or do you need to bring it?
  • Are there cleaning supplies and a broom and dustpan?
  • Does the RV include flashlights, a first aid kit, and an emergency roadside kit?
  • Are there paper towels and toilet paper?
  • Is there soap in the kitchen and bathroom?
  • What extras does the RV come with (BBQ, camp chairs, etc.)?


  • Does the TV work on just the RV batteries or does it need to be plugged into shore power?
  • Will the owner provide a generator? Is there gas for the generator? Will the generator power the AC?
  • Does the microwave work without shore power?
  • How much water is on board the RV?
  • How many showers can you take if the RV is not hooked up to water?

Check-in/Check out

  • How does check-in work? Will the owner meet you at the campsite?
  • How clean does the RV need to be after we finish and check out?
  • Can you just leave or do we have to wait for the owner to check you out?
  • Where will the keys be if the owner not there to check you in?