I am an RV Owner Why do I need the RVPlusYou Protection program

As a RVPlusYou Recreational Vehicle Owner, your primary source of protection against loss is your automobile insurance policy, especially when you’re transporting your RV. However, certain insurance policies can contain exclusions, i.e. situations in which the insurance company will not pay for a claim. It is not uncommon for automobile policies to expressly exclude coverage for losses arising out of commercial, business and or rental activity, or the involvement of third parties. Simply put, the property coverage on your recreational vehicle presently may not be sufficient to protect your asset. It is important to consult with your professional insurance advisers to ensure your policy will respond to losses associated with and arising out of your activities as a RVPlusYou Recreational Vehicle Owner.

The RVPlusYou Protection Program can respond where your automobile insurance does not. Whether the issue requires replacement or repair of personal or real property related to the RV rental, you will typically have coverage up to the program limits. There are exclusions, such as expected or intended damages, smoking and pets etc., so it is important to fully understand the program.