RV Rental Delivery Setup and Pickup Checklist

Anyone engaged in the RV rental business should use checklists to make sure they are not missing important details required for a successful RV rental experience. That is why we have created an RV Rental Delivery Setup and Pickup Checklist. This is for the sake of the RV rental business owner, as well as the RV renter.

For delivered RV rentals there are three important functions to perform: delivery, set up, and pick up. The following checklist will help you think through those tasks necessary for a great RV rental experience.

RV Rentals for Delivery

Note the following items before hooking up and leaving to meet up with renter and deliver the rental.

  • Rental contract -Booking sheet
  • Renter’s full name – Number
  • Campground or Destination
  • Address and Campsite #
  • Keys to RV and hitch lock
  • RV stocked, clean, rental ready
  • Tanks filled: Water – Propane
  • Generator ready
  • Electric cords and adapters
  • Surge protectors
  • Sewer and water lines
  • Water pressure regulator

RV Rental Setup

Most campgrounds allow access to the renter’s campsite prior to the renter checking in. However, if the campground policy is to have the person renting the campsite to check in at the time of the RV delivery, and only then set up the RV, make sure to arrange to meet the RV renter at the gate prior to checking in.

In some cases, it might make sense to drive in with the renter to insure a smooth check-in experience for your RV renter who may be a novice camper and not familiar with campground or RV park rules.

  • Ensure optimum leveling and positioning
  • Block and secure stabilizers
  • Extend slides
  • Hook up power
  • Connect sewer and water
  • Lock RV to secure in place (do not allow renter the ability to move or drive the RV)
  • Turn on furnace or AC as needed
  • Turn on water heater
  • Set up amenities: BBQ, chairs, rugs, etc.
  • Video/photo set up in detail; inside and out
  • Review how to operate the RV with renter
  • Review safety, do’s and don’ts
  • Discuss pick up times and check out process

RV Rental Pickup

Note the campground’ policies and make sure you’re prepared for re-entry to the park before check-out time.  Most campground kiosks or gate keepers will not recognize you unless you have an entry pass.  Make sure to plan and secure re-entry before you leave the park after checking in and setting up.

  • Inspect the RV inside and out
  • Notice any movement of the RV
  • Test RV operation: ( water, heater, AC, toilet, lights, propane, TV, awnings, refrigerator, etc.)
  • Document any damage or cleaning violations
  • Document any missing items
  • Look for personal items left behind
  • Empty and clean tanks
  • Empty and wipe down refrigerator
  • Wipe down kitchen
  • Move dirty linens to bathroom tub or shower
  • Pack up, load up, hook up