Why RV Owners Prefer RVPlusYou

Compare Our 3% fee to what you're paying now

Most online RV rental websites charge RV owners 17% to 25% of the rental fees. RVPlusYou is free to list, and charges a 3% fee to RV owners.

Rental Protection Policy Included

RVPlusYou provides a no cost rental protection policy to both RV owners and renters

Low Hassle Factor

No driving means less paperwork: Driver background checks, insurance forms, liability issues, etc.

Unique platform designed for delivered RV rentals

We market to renters who don't want to drive or tow: Delivered and set up, “Ready when you arrive”

Less damage to your RV

97% of damage happens when RV's are moving. Renters don't drive or tow on RVPlusYou. less damage = fewer repairs

No Bed tax

Because your RV vacation rental is set up on private property, or public campgrounds, taxes are paid by the RV park or campground.

Repeat business

RV vacation rentals tend to attract repeat business year after year. Renters on RVPlusYou want to rent, not own an RV for their annual trips.

Delivery area

Average is less than 60 miles. Lower miles means less depreciation to the RV owner’s rig and higher resell value.

A Great Way to Sell your RV

Allow renters to try before they buy. Apply rental fees to purchase price.

Easy Two Step process

  • Click on ‘List your RV‘ button above
  • You will need to create a new user account.
  • Follow instructions to verify information and create a user profile
  • Click on orange button above (List your RV)
  • Follow instructions to create title, description, pricing, delivery area, and other listing details.
  • Upload photos and activate RV

What do our customers say

I highly recommend if you want to RV but don't want to hassle of towing! They set it up for you wherever you book your campsite.
RV Rental delivered to El Chorro Regional Park was a super easy in and out RV experience. All we had to do was show up, have fun, clean up a bit and head home. The entire process was seamless.
I rent my RV's on this site and it works great. The customers really like just showing up at their destination with the RV set up and ready to move in!
Washington State really needed this!