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The prices listed are per day.

RV Rentals, Deliveries and pickups, RV Transporting.
BIG SUR, Monterey RV Campgrounds, Santa Cruz RV Campgrounds, Paskett RV Campground, Half Moon Bay, Dillon Beach, Bodega Bay.
Many Different Kind of RVs, from Business/Personal Trips to a Family Sizes and Modern Styles. Outside Kitchens, On-Site Service.
The best part of an RV rental is that your travel options are endless. Stay for a day or two months. Venture into the wilderness or stay near a bustling city. Whether you take that special someone on a romantic getaway or the whole family on vacation, make sure to treat yourself to an RV road trip this year.
We can help you with your camping planning and make your trips easy.

Optional Rental Items available: Generators, KItchen Essentials, Linen Essentials, Coffee Makers, Ice Chests, BBQ, Cruiser Bikes, and a lot of other things.

  • Type of RV: Travel Trailer
  • Year:Questionmark_hover Not Mentioned
  • Make:Questionmark_hover Not Mentioned
  • Model:Questionmark_hover Not Mentioned
  • Length 0 Feet
  • Sleeps: 7
  • Security Deposit:Questionmark_hover $0.00
  • Cancellation Policy:Strict: 50% refund up until 1 week prior to arrival, except fees
  • Cleaning Fee :$100.00
  • Delivery Area:75 Miles
  • Base Delivery Fee:$150.00
  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Shower Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Toilet Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Refrigerator Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Full Kitchen Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Microwave Oven (powered by electricity) Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    TV - DVD player - cable hook up option Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Satelite TV Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Expandable slide out Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Propane BBQ Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Portable Heater Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Awning Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Fire Pit - Portable Questionmark_hover

  • Has amenity / Allowed

    Camp chairs - (2 minimum) Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Kitchen Essentials Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Bathroom Essentials Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Bedroom Essentials Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Coffee maker

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Kitchen staples Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Tent - Pop Up Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Generator Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Fuel for Generator Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Ice chest Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Easy Up Awning Questionmark_hover

  • Doesn't have amenity /Not allowed

    Firewood Questionmark_hover

Arrival/Drop-off Expectations


Kitchen: Microwave, Stove, Oven, Refrigerator, Freezer, Sink, Counter-tops, and Table

Bathroom: Toilet, Shower, and Mirrors.

Carpet/Linoleum: Must be swept, no stains left.

If not done, $80 cleaning fee will be charged.

LOST KEYS: $60.00


Advantage Caravans LLC maintains a smoke- and tobacco-free RVs. No smoking or other use of tobacco products (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff, or chewing tobacco) or other substances is permitted in any part of the RV leased or rented by the Company. All lessees are expected to abide by this policy in all respects while utilizing the RV.

If there is evidence of pets or smoking, you will be subject to an extra cleaning fee.

Also Remember to:

Fill RV fuel to above:____________
Or you will be charged $75 plus the cost to fill.

Fill propane to above:____________
Or you will be charged the cost to fill.

Dump the RV black and gray water tanks
Or you will be charged $50

RV Usage (no hookups, dry camping)

• All heaters run on 12 volts and propane. Heaters will last about 4-5 hours on a fully charged battery, at which point the batteries will go dead. You need to have a 110 supply at the campground, or a generator to use the heater at night. This would be the best way to insure that the trailer battery will not run down during the night. Plug in your tow vehicle to your trailer and run your vehicle for approximately two hours to recharge the batteries if you have no other source of charging.
• If the battery goes dead the refrigerator will not work, nor any other 12 volt-controlled appliance. If your tow vehicle does not have a charging system for the trailer batteries or if you do not have 110 hook-up, you will need to take jumper cables with you. If you do have a charge system you will need to charge the batteries everyday by starting the tow vehicles engine and let it idle for about one to two hours per day. Unless the trailer batteries are being charged often they will go dead.
• If you do have a charging system on your vehicle remember to unplug your vehicle from the trailer when you are not charging, or the trailer will continue to draw juice off the tow vehicle’s batteries and your tow vehicle batteries may go dead.
• Do not travel with the bunk bed in the down position. If you travel with it down the bunk doors may swing open and break.
• No Awnings allowed to use, sorry

Generator Rental User Guide
Hereby we are providing information about using generators with rental RVs.
Special technical service and inspection has been provided to the generators assigned to run with RVs:
- they come with new air filters and oil changed
- they are supplied with full tank of gas. In most generators, gas tank capacity is 4 gallons, that equals 6 hours running without A/C or 5 hours with A/C.
We recommend using unleaded regular gas 91.
All generators are coming with special adapters for carrying more amperage and run A/C without power circuits popping up.
Here are some tips and main points on how to run RV Appliances with Generator.
To run an RV with Generator is very simple, (but maybe a little noisy )))).

To start a generator, you need to pull choke out, turn the key or the switch on (depends on what kind of generator you are using) and pull start handle. When you see the generator running, you may push the choke back in slowly. The generator will run smoother.
Give about 3 minutes for the generator to warm up before using A/C.
Some generators are starting with the ignition key, like in a car (HONDA generator), while the others have remote switch equipped.
If the Generator is running, but there is no power (110 volts) inside the RV:
Check the breakers inside RV and breakers on a generator.
a. The breaker box is usually a brown or black square box underneath the refrigerator, queen size bed, on the floor by the kitchen, or in the bathroom of the RV. Each breaker looks identical to a house breaker box.
b. The breakers on a generator are two small switches marked 20A or 30A.

SOLUTION: If you see the breakers are off, you need to reset a generator by turning it off and reset breakers to “ON” position (either it is in the breaker box inside the RV, or on a generator).
Before you reset the breakers, turn off all 110 volt appliances, such as the Microwave, Air Conditioner and any other heavy duty 110 appliances, which require a lot of amperage draw.
Restart generator, and see if you have 110 volts and battery charging by checking the battery level gauge. It should be reading full.

REASONS: You probably ran Air Conditioner and Microwave simultaneously. Other devices are plugged in into the same circuit, like different kinds of chargers, a cell phone charger, a laptop charger, a hair dryer, music center.
Also, another reason might be a generator is overheated by the sun.
The Generator is running, but there is no power (110 volts) inside the RV, and all the breakers are good.

a. Check the plugs, connections at adapter and the cord whether they are properly plugged in.
b. Check if the generator is overloaded. You should see the red light is on on a panel of generator.
If you find the generator is overloaded, you need to turn it off and wait minimum 5 minutes, and then restart it. Before turning off all the appliances, A/C, and Microwave, unplug chargers and other devices requiring 110 volts supply, like a hair dryer*, laptops, hot water heaters*, refrigerators*.

THROTTLE ON SWITCH – is a very quite mode in HONDA generators. It is very useful for charging RV batteries and using cell phone chargers, or laptop chargers, (light devices). Recommended, if you don’t want to bug your neighbor )))).
Not recommended for running A/C or Microwave, or other heavy duty devices.
)))) Also this mode saves you some gas )))))

THROTTLE OFF SWITCH –is a mode needed to run A/C and Microwave.
Remember: RUN A/C SEPARATELY FROM MICROWAVE. If you want to run a Microwave, you need to turn A/C off.

And The Last Point:
Since you don’t have a permanent power, or full hookups, RVs will be delivered with Hot Water heater and Refrigerator running ONLY on PROPANE and BATTERY.
The point of renting a Generator is first of all to keep the batteries charged and to keep 12 Volts system running: water pumps, hot water heater, REFRIGERATOR, and lights.
Everything is running off the battery in RV, except an A/C, a Microwave, and receptacles.
An Air Conditioner, a Microwave and the receptacles require MR. GENERATOR …..

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