Creating an Awesome RV Rental Listing

The proper listing of your RV rental is critical. It is your full-color brochure, your SEO marketing document, your terms and conditions, and your rule book.

Taking the time to make it shine and to clarify your pricing, your amenities, rules and expectations will pay off.

There are three main components that make up an awesome listing: the listing description, photographs, and the operation/rules of using your RV.

  • Listing Description:

    Describe your listing in detail. What kind of things would you like to know about the listing if you were considering renting it? What key features does it have? What makes it stand out? What are the top locations for that you will deliver your RV? Describe your favorite location and why. What are the benefits of renting out your RV and having you deliver the RV vs. other RV rental companies? Will you include amenities that others will not? Will you set up a BBQ? What about camp chairs set up at the campsite? What can they expect with you delivering your RV to this amazing location? Connect the comfort of an RV to the beauty of the outdoors. Be creative, but honest.

  • Photographs of Your Space:

    Photos are an integral part of the decision-making process when it comes to booking an RV rental. Most RV renters who use RVPlusYou are novice renters: They don’t have a truck to tow with. They’ve never driven a big box down a busy highway, and have no desire to. Show them the dream. Inspire with a photo. For recommendations on how to make your photos stand out, see Photo Tips. If you’re having trouble making your RV stand out, call us! We’re here to help: 800-977-5444. Or, chat with us by clicking on the chat box, lower right hand corner of screen.

  • Operation guidelines and general rules:

    Do you have expectations about care and operation of your RV, occupancy restrictions, cleanliness, pets, guest behavior? If yes, say so. This is the place to list everything that your guest needs to know. Follow the suggestions listed in the Play Book for details on how best to inform your guests, but list the high level expectations on your profile. Select your cancellation policy under the Pricing and Terms section of the Manage your RV: Strict, Moderate, or Flexible.