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RV Renting

RV Renting


    RV Rental/Guests may include:

    • Vacationers
    • Families or weekenders
    • Travelers in town for special events
    • Families looking to experience the outdoors
    • People from other countries exploring your area while on vacation
    • People who need extra space at their homes for a family reunion or remodel
    • Their is no cost to list your RV for rent on RVPlusYou.com
    • The site will deduct 3% to cover transaction costs, so 97% of what you charge is returned
    • RVPlusYou also provides a Rental Protection policy, see FAQ


    • The following are great reasons why you should consider sharing your RV as a rental:
    • To make extra money
    • To keep your RV from rotting in storage
    • To keep it maintained and ready for use by you or renters
    • To meet interesting travelers from around the world
    • To share local knowledge about your area and interesting campgrounds
    • To determine whether starting an RV rental business is for you

    You can deliver your RV virtually anywhere that it is legal to do so and where guests want to be. As long as it provides some level of security and it has a reasonable level of comfort to accommodate your guest:

    • A campground or RV park
    • A private house for extra guests
    • An event or concert
    • A winery or an organic farm
    • Long term housing for construction project

    The length of stay depends on the mutually agreed upon dates set by the host and guest, as well as the rules set by the campground or RV park. So it's up to the RV owner/host to decide when and how they want to share their RV. Some common examples include:

    • Overnight - Usually more convenient for RV owners when they have their RV located/stored at their home and can be set up to rent
    • A few week nights for a getaway
    • A full week for an "RV Vacation Rental"
    • Sublet for a month or two during off season

    Yes. As an RV host, you have full control over your listing. You set the rules and you decide who you allow to rent your RV and for how long and where you will deliver it. You have full access to the reviews of other RV hosts so that you can determine whether or not you want to trust that guest. Through conversation, RV owners are usually able to tell whether or not they can trust the renter.